Which LMS do you use and why?

Nov 03, 2011

Hey all,

Just a quick question to you....what LMS do you use and why? 

I use Moodle 2.1.2 currently.  Why?  It seemed like a good idea at the time!  Now I'm frustrated with the SCORM reporting and interface.

Any thoughts?


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Zubair  Hamid

Here at Kineo, we customize Totara sites specific to clients needs and wants. We also develop e-learning courses through Adapt and storytelling with SCORM wrapping as well. Totara is great because it has easy customization for templates to a point that it is hard to even recognize it being an LMS. I noticed many of you do not use Totra so here is a demo of Totara:


wang ziyun

Leah Hemeon said:

We officially use SAP LSO for our LMS. I don't recommend it at all. It's big, expensive, and isn't user friendly AT ALL.

With that being said, I'm working on moving us over to Moodle 2.1 now. A small segment of our company doesn't have SAP access so we implemented Moodle to track their courses. We like it so much more than SAP that I'm making the business case to move the entire organization to it. We had a custom SCORM report built by a Moodle partner to give us better reporting. I also hear that version 2.2 (due out in early 2012) will have more robust SCORM 1.2 reporting. They're still aways off on SCORM 2004 compliance. We run Articulate and Captivate courses via Moodle and haven't found too many problems. I love the community and, after dealing with the costs associated with SAP, love the accessibility and expertise of Moodle partners.Outside of the SCORM support, we love being able to include things along with the course package such as discussion forums, or even just job aids outside of the course. This is something we don't have with SAP.

I agree with others who have posted about needing to evaluate your needs and pick a suitable LMS. Moodle may be open source and "free" but you need to have support inside your organization for the administration. As with any LMS, there's a learning curve. Otherwise, hire a Moodle partner to help you with that.

I agree you ,we use SAP ,it`s so bad!

Torsten Lachmann

We're looking for a LMS for external customers only and they only do one course to learn our service. It's important to us that it's easy to use and has a fair price per customer any suggestions?

Has anyone used Torch LMS?

Are there any Australian based options as we experienced load issues when we trialed with overseas hosting.

John Black

Phil Mayor said:

we use moodle here we chose it because of cost, it works well, reporting could be much better but overall it is good

Hey Phil,

If you want a major improvement to Moodle's SCORM reporting, log on to here on the Moodle Tracker and vote for this issue. It's an easy fix that would be very helpful.

Edie Egwuonwu

Allen Wilson said:

We went with Docebo. Price was an issue with us, but not the only factor. We knocked a couple off the list because they used languages that out IT department does not support. The things we like about Docebo:

- Cost

- More corporate look than others


- Easy to modify for our needs

- Works well with Articulate

- Easy for Training to modify/manipulate with little IT support

- Strong reporting features

- Prints certificates

- Clean and uncluttered look

- Easy navigation for infrequent users

- Good support network

We looked at over 50 LMSs and Docebo and Moodle were our final two. We chose Docebo because of ease of use, clean look, and ability to modify it with less help from IT.

After reading this I decided to take a look at Docebo back in June. We ended up going with it by July and have been happy ever since. Thanks for the original post and thanks to Allen for this detailed outline. Solved a big problem for me.

Patricio Bustamante

Hi Guys :

I think ILIAS is one of the best LMS Open Source and works great with Articulate. The first LMS open souce certified SCORM.

Check it out : http://www.ilias.de  ( SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition) )

You can test here :  http://demo.ilias.de/

Saludos amigos !!!


Hi, I'm currently testing ILIAS.  I managed uploading a SCORM 2004 e-learning module created with Storyline.  The module works well with the ILIAS player.  The only thing is that under the tab "Tracking data", I can't find the specific answers the user selected in the quiz.  How do you make it appear?  I only have the overall score tracked.


vineetha charles


I am sorry that I cannot reveal the names of the plugins. Our systems developer is very hush hush about that. :) :)

What he has basically done is that he took the basic wordpress and added plugins as per the functionality that we want. I believe that he has added about 10 plugins by now. This was done to give us complete control over each and every aspect of the LMS. 

Just make a list of the different functionalities you want in your site and incorporate the respective plugin while customizing your LMS.

Hope this helps. If you want, you are welcome to take a look at our site to get a better idea.

Tomáš Rezler

Hi Dave!

To be honest I don't understand to your dissatisfaction with SCORM. I've been already using it for more than a half a year through http://Training-Online.eu/

I find absolutely amazing, that you don't have to be a professioinal programmer to modify this LMS to your own needs.

Another point is that you don't have to pay any monthly fees - you pay only for courses you order.

That's why I think it doesn't depend on platform (moodle, scorm, ..) you use but it depends on provider of LMS you use ;-)

Check it out :-)

sam s
Dave Newgass

Hey all,

Just a quick question to you....what LMS do you use and why? 

I use Moodle 2.1.2 currently.  Why?  It seemed like a good idea at the time!  Now I'm frustrated with the SCORM reporting and interface.

Any thoughts?



Hey Dave,
I am also finding the new LMS software and did a search on many and found the top 20 LMS software here: http://www.capterra.com/learning-management-system-software/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&v=4#infographic and i am going to give a try to BisTrainer LMS as they are related to safety training and most safety companies are using this. any suggestions for me. Please share.


Filip Hradil

Hi There,

I had used SCORM for long time. But my budget isn't high and scrom began to seem overpriced. Recently I found new lms software: training-online.eu.

I am not experienced with it very well yet. But it seems very adavantageous for my tiny needs.  For example I've got 30 USD credit for start and it's enough for few months of using (for me).

It has many language mutations so I can use it in Czech :).