Articulate Review - The Connection was Reset

I am attempting to review a course that was published to Articulate Review using SL360.  (HTML 5 only, SCORM 2004, Ed. 4) I copy the shared link and email it to myself to review on another browser.  However, when I click on the link on another machine, it loads the Articulate review page but not the course.  What appears is a sad page graphic and says "The connection was reset"

I've tried multiple refreshes, toggling the flash permissions on/off, resetting the site settings, updating Chrome and nothing.

I am hoping to republish all of my courses in HTML 5 only in an effort to avoid future issues associated with Flash plugins.  

Any ideas on how to view my course in Articulate Review on the first click?  (Also, I'm farming out my courses for review, so I'd like the reviewers to be able to have it just work without the need to troubleshoot.)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael.  It sounds like your course loads for you in Articulate Review on the original machine where it was published, but when you check on the second machine, you aren't able to pull up the content.

  • Does it have the course name at the top? 
  • Is this happening to any other courses? 
  • Also, have you had anyone else test the share URL on a third machine?  I'm happy to have a look if you'd like to share it here!

I'm happy to lend a hand.