Review 360: Constantly Logging Out

Sep 13, 2019

I am being constantly logged out of Review 360, even if I tick the "Keep me logged in" box. This has been occurring for about a week. Previously, I would only have to log in after an update.

It's making addressing the lesson update requests and feedback as I update the lesson incredibly frustrating. I'm talking every 3 to 5 minutes I need to log back in. 

Any others having this issue or ideas in making this madness stop?

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Marty McNatt

I'm getting logged out of Rise 360 almost every couple of minutes while actively using it. Using latest Chrome as of today, cleared cache, relaunched browser. It's basically become unusable. When I log back in it states I'm actively editing it and I have to take control from myself. I work with a lot of apps and Rise is the only one that has this problem. Very frustrating.

Katie Riggio

Hi Marty. So sorry for the trouble!

I found a similar case where a Chrome browser extension was conflicting with the Rise 360 authoring sessions. Turning it off fixed the behavior.

We'd love to work one-on-one with you, so I opened a case for our Support team. Look out for an email from one of the engineers, and I'll follow along to see what we discover!

Stevi Page

I work using Microsoft Edge and yesterday it was logging me out mid-comment
in Review. I hadn't changed courses, browsers or anything. Literally in the
middle of writing a comment!

Getting very fed up with this - it's been going on for a year now. Happens
in RISE and Review. I followed the remedies you suggested but it still does

Shannon Connor

Still happening regardless of browser. I've mentioned before that it's not just me - clients and others I work with are experiencing this several times a day. Still I patiently await a resolution, but it appears Articulate does not believe this is an issue. No time to open tickets and spend hours troubleshooting - I've got courses to build and review. 

Katie Riggio

Greetings, folks!

I appreciate all of the insight you shared, and I'm so sorry for the trouble. It sounds like there are a few different experiences mentioned:

1. Rise 360: The 'Take Control' (from yourself) message.

If you're editing a lesson and close the browser tab, the 'Take Control' message will appear when you try to reopen that lesson. This is because the lesson is locked by you. Clicking the Take Control button should bring you back to the lesson.

To avoid seeing that message, click the back button to return to the main course menu before closing the browser tab. 

If you see a blank lesson when previewing, we can help you fix that. Use this secure upload link to share your course's Share link.

2. Rise 360: Frequent logging out.

3. Review 360: Frequent logging out.

The nature of the last two items has been hard for us to identify. Let me get this in front of the right team to see how we can best help!

Mary-Lynne Snedden

Hi there

I'm having the same issue. Almost every day I'm logged out of the Desktop App and have to sign in again - sometimes more than once a day - sometimes less. It's quite frustrating. It's been problem for the past couple of months for me. I've followed the advice in this thread and not had any permanent improvement. I keep waiting for it to go away with updates but no luck.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leanne and Mary-Lynne, 

I'm sorry that these persistent login issues continue, and I know how frustrating that prompt is during your work. 

Our team implemented a fix within the 360 web environment that should have resolved these login issues, but if you continue to experience it within the 360 Desktop app it would help to gather some more diagnostics. Can you connect with our Support Team and mention this discussion to get the ball rolling? 

Please let me know if I can help with anything else! 

Katie Riggio

Hi Steven!

I'm so sorry to hear that and appreciate you keeping us posted. 

We're actively tracking down the cause of the login issues and are treating it as a priority. The moment there's more to share, this discussion is the first to know.

If you could share an estimate on the dates and times in the meantime, that would help greatly!

Phil Robinson

I see this thread has been going on for awhile but this has really become a hassle over the last week. I am prompted to signed back in several times throughout the day. After a few times, I'm prompted close my browser because my session has expired. Sometimes I'm logged out right in the middle of a build. Is something new going on here?

Leslie McKerchie

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing, Phil. We did have an enhancement to the sign-in process that you can see outlined here.

There have been a couple of conversations here, one specific to Rise 360 and another to Review 360.

You mention that it's happening in the middle of a build, so I wanted to confirm that this is in Rise 360, or is it happening in another product?