Review 360: Constantly Logging Out

Sep 13, 2019

I am being constantly logged out of Review 360, even if I tick the "Keep me logged in" box. This has been occurring for about a week. Previously, I would only have to log in after an update.

It's making addressing the lesson update requests and feedback as I update the lesson incredibly frustrating. I'm talking every 3 to 5 minutes I need to log back in. 

Any others having this issue or ideas in making this madness stop?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Phil!

I'm sorry for the trouble! Are you finding that you're logged out of Review 360 while the tab is open? Or are you logged out when exiting the tab and reopening? 

Since we don't have any outages reported, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support Team to see what might be getting in the way!

Nicola Leonard

Hello, is anyone still experiencing this issue? I seem to need to log in most of the time, even with remember me ticked. Agree it is a little annoying, as it first opens the app, then directs me to the website in order to log in, before I can return to storyline itself.

Can you tell me how long a logged in account should stay logged in for as standard & if this could be extended please?

Jose Tansengco

Hi Nicola, 

Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue. Is your organization's network already configured to allow connections to all of Articulate 360's endpoints? If not, reach out to your IT staff and have them go through all the endpoints listed in the article to allow Articulate 360 applications to work properly. I'd also like to suggest the following troubleshooting steps to help clarify the issue: 

  • Try disabling all browser extensions that are installed on your computer. As shared by my colleague, certain browser extensions have been known to cause users to get logged out of their session.
  • Try using a different browser to access Review 360. Does using a different browser allow the session to stay logged in?

If the issue persists, you can reach out to our support team here for further assistance.