Can you change the color of Markers in Rise?

Jun 19, 2017

I selected Labeled Graphic an have inserted an image that has a lot of white in it. The markers are white. Can you change the color of a Marker? If so, how? I feel that if you could, it would be simple. 



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karlee! Great question and surprisingly one I had not seen asked before. You can certainly change the marker style, and the theme color (via Settings) will drive the marker icon as well as the selected color of the marker as you can see here.

The outside circle and shadow will keep those noticeable by your learner as well:

I hope that helps :)

Sean Morrow

I would really like this as well.  A full colored in circle would be much more identifiable.  Also, is there a way to change which side the text box pops up on?  For example, I am labeling a screen shot of a document to explain what information would go in each dialog box.  When they click the marker, the dialog box covers the area of the form.  I'd like it to pop up on the opposite side so they can read the tip AND see the section of the document. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rachell,

Marker captions open to the left or right by default, based on their location on the image and the device you're using to view the course. For example, the captions will cover the screen when you're viewing the course on a mobile phone. 

It sounds like you'd like to have more flexibility on the caption placement. That's a really good idea--I'll share that one with the team, too!

Eduscape Partners

Adding my +1 for this feature. Being able to change the color to make it stand out against a background would be helpful. Also, having the marker change after it has been selected would be helpful for the Learner to know what has already been selected. Maybe the option to choose the color for "selected" could be added as a feature? In the meantime, we either create a Storyline for the added level of control over the states, or we use numbered markers to make it easier for Learners to follow/keep track.

Melissa Meadows

Me too! Me too! The ability to customize the marker colors (fill and pulsing ring) would be a nice feature.

I'm using the labeled graphic on a corporate document that is primarily white with our company's blue accent. Naturally, my Rise accent color is set to the same blue, therefore the markers blend right into the document. The option to change the marker to a contrasting color would keep our employees from having to play Where's Waldo to get through the course. 

Andrea Lodato

I used this work around. I made a dark border around my graphic and placed the markers within the dark border. I also used lines where necessary on the graphic that would point to the marker.
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