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Liz Bastian

Wow. this thread is over 4 years old, and still not fixed? At least not that I can find. Forgive me if there is one, and I just haven't been able to find it. Just ran into this issue now and found this thread looking for a solution. C'mon Articulate. This is basic. I have white text on a dark background, and can't change the color of my bullets to match? If this has been fixed, it's not easy to locate. Anyone know?

Karl Muller
Jane Ahern

Having the same problem in 2022 - I'm relatively new to using Articulate product (1 year) - curious to know how Articulate prioritise fixes and communicate them?  I'm finding many niggly issues that seem to have been around for a long time. 

Keen to here of any alternate platforms for rapid e-learning development that others are loving (more than Rise)

Kerry Crawford

Agree 💯 it’s a very expensive product and it has some issues that seem
surprising. One is the bullet color issue. Others are the inability to properly
resize a picture and to use MCQs to pose opinion questions with no correct answer.

Rise has created a MASSIVE library of amazing content., which took who knows how much time and money... and yet these niggly issues remain. It's a mystery,

Alex Gonzalez

What I have seen in all these years using Articulate products is that communication about product updates is not frequent and often takes the shape of marketing campaigns once a year or so (last one, Rise templates). Working in a software company, I am used to seeing minor updates every two weeks, but this is not definitely the case here. I don't have the feeling that they listen to community requests or if they do it feels extremely slow.

They also maintain a roadmap page with future product updates. Unfortunately, they do not have an ETA and sometimes we get an update that was not listed there (if memory serves), so I don't really trust that public roadmap: https://articulate.com/support/article/Articulate-360-Feature-Roadmap

I hope this answers your question. As for the alternatives, I was recently shown contentCloud by Netex and I thought it looked way more powerful than Rise.

Rise 0

I was so close in getting us ( a rather large company ) on the "easygenerator.com" train, but China put a stop to that. Articulate works in china. At the time Easygenerator was lacking in that performance, but check it out with free trial, and see if it is for you, I have not checked their latest version.

Also i think that "ispringsolutions.com" is a interesting option, if i had the option..

But in another 5 years i expect Articulate Rise to have learned a lot and we will have a "all basics covered system" to work with.

How much patience do you have?