Change bullet color in Rise

Jan 15, 2018

In Rise, when I change the color of text to white, the bullets remain black.  Is there a way to make the bullets the same color as text?

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Alain Stroud

Not sure if you this will help, but in the text body hold ALT+0149 before you type, it will insert a bullet point that you can change colour to match your text. Only challenge is alignment if the bullet content drops to the next line, but that can be sorted with using Enter, then space bar.

Hope that provides some assistance. 

Bi zzel

Andrew, I'd love to see your list. I'm in the process of releasing a free 'add-on' software application for users of Articulate Rise. It will apply a ton of different user-selected CSS fixes to courses after they are exported from the cloud. If you have any issues on your list that I haven't already found, I'd love to see what I can do!

ephraim ross

Just a note to say that I've been looking for ways to fix this with issue using purely CSS, and haven't found one that works well enough. I was exploring using the color 'mix-blend-mode' as a means of ensuring high contrast colors on the bullets, but this of course would do nothing to match the bullets to the text (

Until the Articulate team fixes this (if ever), my personal recommendation would be to make use of the bulleted list block when you are going to use a darker background. This won't match the color of the text, but it will at least use your accent color for the bullets which in theory would be a higher contrast than the dark grey bullets on a darker background. The challenge with this recommendation is that the style of the bulleted list block is very different from the bulleted list style that is applied within a normal text block in Rise. 

If there is interest in having these two different styles mimic each other in terms of spacing between bullet and text, just let me know and I can customize that bit of CSS, and share the code here to at least give you one alternative avenue if this issue is actively causing headaches with your content.

Kerry Gleeson

Another vote here. Think this is especially important in terms of accessibility legislation and colour contrast.  


Edit** So far, I've found if you type in 'bullet point symbol' into google then copy and paste that into RISE, the colour can be changed. However, you need to align it all. Sorry if this has already been added.