Change bullet color in Rise

Jan 15, 2018

In Rise, when I change the color of text to white, the bullets remain black.  Is there a way to make the bullets the same color as text?

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Russell Healy

This seems to be something that everyone wants but has not been resolved in three years. Reading through a lot of these threads to help understand the program better I find that there is a lot of discussion from the 360 staff that its on the roadmap and it has been documented but no resolve.

My issue is my bullets are white with a white background and black text. Are we able to have any confirmation about when this will be actually looked at.

Christopher Emanuelli

It's possible to change bullet colors in Rise by editing HTML after exporting:

1. Export your course from Rise.

2. Open index.html which is in the root of output folder for Web or XAPI output, in scormcontent folder for SCORM 1.2 output.

3. Copy the contents of window.courseData variable - literally all the text in-between the quotes:

4. Go to , paste contents into the top textbox, and tap <DECODE> button.

5. Copy the decoded text from the bottom textbox and paste into a text editor of your choice, I'm using Sublime Text.

6. Find your bullets by searching for the list item text:

find li tex[t

7. Now go to the <ul> parent tag:


and add the color styling like this:

So in above, I added


to <ul> so default bullets become red. Remember the backslashes (\) before the quotes.

8. Now copy all the text from your text editor.

9. Go to , paste the text into the top textbox, make sure these settings are selected:


and tap >ENCODE< button. 

10.  Copy the encoded text from the bottom textbox and paste to replace over the window.courseData variable text inside the quotes you copied in step 3.

11. Save your changes to index.html and open in browser, bullets should now be the color you want:

If you just see a white screen, make sure you had correct settings in step 9 and included backslashes in step 7.


Peter Flynn

I think the point is that we shouldn't need to do this outside of the software. Working outside of Rise means that each time you republish the course, you need to update the code, which is a garbage way to work on anything. In my industry, changes and updates happen often, and the functionality should be built within the software as it is for most layout/word processing software on the market today... It's basic text editing which already exists in CSS/HTML workflows, so it seems a bit odd that in the 3 years this issue was put in, nothing has changed.

Joy McGinty

Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but agree in substance.

My IT team just figured out a way to start with collapsed menus, rather than expanded...another feature I've requested. On my wish list, that was an essential feature for usability. One of my "courses" contains dozens of curated content pieces. Opening with a collapsed menu eliminated the long laundry list of resources that overwhelmed our users. Now they just see the major categories and expand only when they want to see the resources within it. My IT team also developed a way to automate changing the html code each time we purplish the course. I will share on a collapsed menu thread for the community once I have the code and how it was automated. This just happened this week.

Thanks again for sharing your code.

Joy McGinty

Wow! That's a lot of work. Thanks so much for sharing this work-around. Perhaps because you have dug deep into the code that by sharing it with everyone might help the Articulate folks expedite adding this functionality.

I love the Articulate product line, community, heroes, staff and support teams. Everyone is so helpful and supportive. The number of feature requests is undoubtedly large in number and have to be prioritized. As an ID, this is just one of those things that would make all the difference on the design end. Admittedly, not the biggest fish to fry.

Thanks again for your contribution!

JC Blanchard


This is part of what Articulate promotes on their Rise 360 page: 

Author quickly on the web
A browser is all you need to create lessons optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

This is exactly why I use Rise. I mean, Rise is limiting in a lot of ways, but it's quick and easy to get fairly good results. I think it's designed to appeal to people who are not coding experts or simply don't have the time to fiddle around with hundreds of lines of code to change the color of a bullet. If I would want to do this, I would just build my courses from scratch and get exactly what I want. This is like buying a new car and having to get under the hood everytime I need to start the damn thing.

We're just asking for very basic functionality, not an obscure feature that would be useless for most people. Having to do workarounds like this defeats the purpose and provides another incentive for Articulate to do nothing.

Crystal Horn

Hi, folks. I'm sorry that bullet color is causing this friction. The text editor we use in Rise authoring doesn't allow this formatting option, and we're continuing to explore how to get around that. Because it would be such a broad change to Rise authoring, it isn't something we want to take lightly. 

We'll update you if we have a solution for these types of formatting needs with text in Rise.

Lizzie Angell

Ah once again an issue that everyone is screaming to be fixed, but as long as we all keep paying the subscription they won't need to bother fixing it. And of course we all keep paying the subscription as otherwise we can't make courses. It's a catch 22.

Of course after 3 years of an issue not being fixed - its not really likely they will ever bother as its not stopped anyone paying. Or not anyone significant enough...