Change bullet color in Rise

Jan 15, 2018

In Rise, when I change the color of text to white, the bullets remain black.  Is there a way to make the bullets the same color as text?

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Neal Colson

I know no one has commented on this in a while but I vote for this too!  ASAP if possible.  Trying to use the Text on Image block and my bullet points are white while my font color is black.  Love the RISE software but I agree with everyone else - this seems like basic functionality that can be changed.  Thanks to all the support and quick answers Articulate Staff!  You guys are great!


Christina Powell

Echoing and adding a + vote here from me as well!  I'd love to be able to insert small graphics as bullets, change color - general editing to each of the "standard" lists would be great!  Maybe leave those lists "as is" and allow a "custom list" option to build one to suit the course being developed...