COMING SOON: Even Faster Authoring in Rise

Oct 10, 2018

Rise is about to get some cool new features. On Tuesday, October 16, we’ll ship an update that’s going to simplify lesson creation and make authoring even easier.

You may have noticed that all the prebuilt lesson types are now available as blocks so you can include them in your blocks lessons. Next week, we’ll be adding the ability to turn your existing prebuilt lessons into blocks! We’re also releasing a new shortcut bar that lets you quickly add your favorite blocks to lessons.

See how the new goodness will work:

We think you’re going to love this more flexible way to create lessons in Rise.

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Stephanie Harnett

This is great. I'm really pushing Rise for a number of projects. It's so much easier for clients to use and continued enhancements like this announcement make all the difference.

Speaking of enhancements....would be nice to leverage SL interactions a bit more, treating them like media assets that could be added to cards, tabs, processes, timelines, etc., instead of discrete blocks only.  : )

Joshua Pincumbe

So... as nice as that sounds, I'm confused as to who is using Rise if it still doesn't meet WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines. At least in the United States, you haven't been able to put any content online for government or education sites that doesn't meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards for many years, and as of June 12, 2017, even all private websites have to meet those standards. It's just not legal to put up non-accessible content anymore, for any U.S. client. So why isn't the Articulate team spending 100% of their time guaranteeing Rise meets current federal ADA laws? Believe me I would LOVE to use Rise, but in the U.S., I can't, so I'm confused who can?

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