I lost a precious course in Rise!

Sep 05, 2019

I've been developing a curriculum using Rise for the past several months. I've written 21 brief courses, but can only account for 20 of them.  As I develop new courses, my practice is to duplicate an existing course, change the title, delete the old content and create the new content.  The easy/logical answer is to say I accidentally overwrote the missing course, but I am VERY careful when I do this so that doesn't seem possible. 

Any other ideas on how this could have happened, or if there's any where I can search for the missing course (note: I've gone through the deleted files already)?

I just don't want to repeat this error. 


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James Washington

I thought I HAD duplicated a course before realizing I deleted courses I wanted to keep. So I created a folder to house previously developed RISE courses. And since my initial page showing ALL COURSES was getting full, I decided to segregate them into specific folders. I started moving courses using the "move to" feature but noticed they weren't disappearing from my initial page. They seem to be duplicated, and were showing in the created folder AND on the initial page. So I figured since they were in the folder I specified I could free up homepage space by deleting the courses still showing there...WRONG! When I deleted them from the initial home page, they also disappeared from the designated folder I moved them to. 

Is this supposed to work this way?

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