New Rise Feature - Exit Course

Many of you told us you needed a way for Rise learners to return to your LMS. So we've added a few features that make that super easy.

You can now set buttons in block lessons to leave the course, or add an ever-present link that lets learners return to an LMS.

Check out this Peek video describing the features:

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Kelly Doane


I am using button blocks for Exit buttons on several slides in my content. For context, I create multiple language projects in one Rise so that we end up with only one SCORM in our LMS. Button blocks allow for language selection and when the learner have finished the content in their language they are presented with an button block Exit to exit to the LMS. 

Do you see any problem with multiple exit buttons? So far it works in SCORMCloud, I'm just having some 'completion' problems in my LMS.... anyone have any thoughts on this?