New Rise Feature: Export as PDF

May 02, 2018

Today we released a new feature in Rise that I think you’ll appreciate—especially those of you who work in highly regulated industries! Now you can export your Rise courses as PDF files for easy printing and meeting regulatory requirements.

Watch this quick video to learn more:

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Smart, 

Were you able to use it prior to today, or today is the first time you've tried it and it's not working? 

I was able to successfully export a course I had handy this AM. If yours still isn't working, can you tell me what browser you're trying to export from? I used Chrome/Mac, but you can use any of the browsers detailed here.

Snap! Raise

Thanks for releasing this. For the next version, can you have it so you can select which parts of the course you want to export to .pdf? I recently got a request to include a downloadable copy of one section of my course (a FAQ section using the accordion style feature) and it would be great to have the option to just convert one section to .pdf. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, SMART for that info. I'm going to reach out to you directly to get some more specifics on that course, as it sounds like something specific to that course. Keep an eye out for an email from

Joy, the Export for PDF is an option for Authors only. It's not something your learners will see. 

Carla, Have you looked at duplicating the course and then deleting the parts you don't need prior to export? Also, you could create a Block template out of that one interaction and then use that version to export. 

Caron and Blair, Thanks! Our team knew there may be some additional ideas and needs rolling in after we got this first iteration out the door. Happy to pass along your insight to them! 

Donald Kerns

Helpful, but less so since collaborators still cannot export ANYTHING...only the Rise course owner can currently perform an export. We need more granular control so the course owner can authorize collaborators (globally and/or individual course) to do certain tasks (e.g., export to LMS, web, PDF; post to Review, send Share link, etc.). Let the course owner (rather than Articulate) decide how course workflow should be handled! 

Diane Galloway

This is a brilliant addition to Rise and I am already using it !!!  One quick question I have a series of labelled graphics and noticed in the PDF that the first few display with the marker (i or 1, 2 etc) but they then disappear further into the update, although the screenshots and text do display.  Any idea why please?

thanks and once again, great job!