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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

I totally understand, and if you can share them privately with our Support Engineers they are available to take a look 24/7! You can reach out to them here. 

As I mentioned earlier we do have an open issue with the team where an image becomes pixelated (loss of quality) when inserted in Rise Blocks > Image Full Width. So we'll keep folks posted on that in this discussion too. 

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Ashley,
Here are some more images: I uploaded the PNG image in the Process lesson-component of the Rise, and it turns completely low-JPG quality (please disregard the black marker over the private info).
I took a screenshot of the uploaded image vs. original PNG fragment.

Please advise when the fix for that bug is ready or in which image format Rise filters do not intervene with the original image, this is quite an urgent matter for us. Many thanks!

Cintia Otero

Katie, I'm also experiencing this issue with Rise. Here's an example on how the image looks in Rise and what the original image looks like. These are screenshots from an application so they need to be neat and clear. The block I'm using is the carrousel. However I experience the same loss of quality in all the blocks I tried. 

I hope this information will help to fix the problem soon. 

Cintia Otero

Ashley, thanks for taking the time to help me. 

The full with image looks OK (I tried it on my own course and it's fine), but the carousel one is still blurry for me even in your course. I'm using lthe latest version of Chrome on Windows. The original image file is much clearer than what I see either in your course or mine. 

Any other suggestions?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cintia,

Does the Carousel image show correct for you when clicking to zoom in? That appears to show it at the original size. Since the Carousel image scales it down slightly, it may appear a bit blurry and that's something to keep in mind for images in your course. We recommend using the highest quality image to allow for the best display in Rise. I've seen a few folks mention using SVG image types has also had better results for them. 

Cintia Otero

Ashley, when I zoom in the image looks good. I captured the picture in 1200 dpi (which is overly exaggerated) just to see if it made any difference without the zoom: it doesn't :(

I will give SVG a try though.

Regarding the scaling functioning, components such as cards or accordions need to reduce the size of the picture a lot to make it fit, but I was expecting the carousel to have a better definition without having to zoom in since its size is quite wide.

Thanks one more time. I really hope Articulate can make some improvement with this regard, especially for those of us creating application tutorials!

Roland Straub

Hi all,

Is that thread still open? Because I'm having the same trouble again. I felt, that at some point the quality of importet selfmade, uploaded pictures in PNG or JPG format was consistently good. Yet since I have to work much more with Rise, it starts bugging me, that 4 out of 5 uploaded PNG or JPG pictures look bad. I'll add screenshot 02-06_zus.... which looks really great and then Rise_pic_quality, which is how it looks after the upload.

You could also see this in my rise course ...

in Lesson 6 "Zusammenhang: Persönlichkeitstyp und Ich-Zustand"

Anything I or you can do about the quality of the uploads? Thx in advance for your support and best regards


Katie Riggio

Thanks for checking in, Cintia! We don't have an ETA on this just yet, but we'll be sure to keep you posted. You'll also be notified immediately since you're subscribed to this discussion. 

Thanks again for sharing those .png files with us, Roland. Super helpful, as the more examples the better! You're also subscribed to this discussion, and we'll keep you posted on this issue's progress here!

Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Nina! 👋

Thanks for adding your voice here–I've added your side-by-side comparison to the report and soon as we have any more information, you'll also be notified right away. 

Really appreciate everyone staying tuned while we sort this issue out, and we're here if you need anything else in the meantime!

Roland Straub

You'd like more examples? I have more, than you could probably handle ;-).

However, this Rise project, Lesson 6 of 10 ("Umsetzungsauftrag: Motive kennen") ...
https://rise.articulate.com/share/aP4sGaNO7mF_mNqHB9h1M_W9zCgN23UK... shows something interessting:

I have added a Gallery / Carrousel interaction including 5 pics. While pic 1 looks terrible, pic 2 and 3 look as expected and pic 4 and 5 look terrible again.

Obviously sometime the pic upload seems to work just fine and sometime it doesn't. Expecting eagerly your fix, as I have a "go-live" stop, for as long as the pic quality remains unreliable like this.

But since I'm gonna be on a holiday leave for the next three and half a week, you can be sure that this issue is not going to bother me for the time being ;-).

Still hope, it's fixed by then and wish you all a great holiday time too.
Cheers Roland

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel, 

I don't have an ETA to share yet, but as soon as we have more info we'll pop into this discussion to update everyone.

Roland, we always appreciate having more examples as that helps our team with testing to see it against real-world examples and conditions. If you're able to share the original image file I can include those in the report filed with our team.

Otherwise, hope you enjoy your holiday leave. Hope it's somewhere filled with lots of fun adventures!