Rise - Collapsible Sections in Left Menu

Jun 11, 2018

Hi there,

I noticed today that my Rise courses now have the ability for the user to collapse the sections of the left menu. This is a great addition! Thanks!

Two questions...

1) Is it possible to have the menu launch with all of them collapsed rather than all open? I didn't see a way to do this. 

2) Any chance the same functionality will be available for the menu that is on the Overview page?


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Marcia Owen

Hey guys - i think it is quite obvious the call for this feature and the fact that it has been an open request for over three years says a lot. Is this actually on your roadmap given the number of requests on multiple threads around this very same topic? This is a critical user experience function that should be a high priority as opposed to some of the latest releases for Rise.

Rob Brownfield

This really is the most basic of requests and should have been implemented from day one.

Without doubt, this functionality needs to be added now. 

Besides customers requesting this constantly, one of the main feedbacks from learners is that they found the menu system challenging.

I have had to resort to telling learners to collapse the menu manually in some cases. Embarrassing!

I have semi-got round the problem by embedding Storyline menus but it is messy, cumbersome and not acceptable to my current clients.

I am now having to look for alternative development tools as current client requests means Rise cannot be used. 

Micah Rubenstein

Maybe you can also tell us why corporate does not feel this addition is important enough to implement, even though users have been begging for it for four years. On the surface, it doesn't seem that this feature would be difficult to include. But there may be programming hurdles that aren't obvious to us. Thanks for the clarification!