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First up, Rise is awesome.  I'm really impressed by the responsive functionality so far.  My challenge, however, seems to be exporting.  It seems to be stuck at the Processing stage.  Should I be seeing a progress bar?  How long is a standard export supposed to take?

I'm using the trial in Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.99 m) on a Windows 10 machine and will try Firefox now too.



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Mark Shepherd

Nice catch, guys!

I tried using the Export Option to SCORM 1.2 on a fairly simple Rise project I'm working earlier this week and it seemed to export without issue within a few seconds at best to a couple of minutes at worst.  I've only done this a couple of times so it's hardly a comprehensive test.

As in Paul's case, I focus primarily, if not exclusively, on using Chrome v54 or later for building Rise content.

Hopefully this aspect/feature will be improved somewhat soon. 

I'd also like to see functionality for 360's services for IE 11 at some point in the near future, as I rely pretty heavily on that platform.

Daryl Gillham

It is hanging on export, which I posted to that thread. Running a test on an old e-learning project with audio on every page and about 40 pages.
Rise doesn't seem to work on IE and I've had no success on any Mozilla-based browsers (Firefox, Chrome)

Kind Regards

Daryl Gillham

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daryl,

Also just an FYI that responding via email includes your signature here. In case you don't want that information out in the public sphere you can edit the post to remove it. 

As far as the browsers, Internet Explorer isn't supported for authoring content, and only Internet Explorer 11 is supported for viewing content. Firefox and Chrome, the latest version of each on PC and Mac are supported though. In case you want to keep it handy here are the system requirements.

As Adam mentioned, there is a known issue with duplicating a course so our team is investigating that right now - once we have an update we'll share that here in the ELH forums as well. Please let us know if your course isn't a duplicate as then we'll want to gather a bit more information to dig deeper! 

Thanks for reaching out here. 

Kelly-Anne Slatton

Do we have anymore updates on this? I'm having problems exporting a course that isn't terribly long, but does have a lot of videos in it. I contacted chat support before I was able to find this article and they are saying this is still an issue for some users and can't offer a time frame for when or if the issue will be addressed and suggested dividing my 1 course into 4 courses. 

Wondering if maybe there is a known size limit to where exporting starts becoming an issue?


Justin Grenier

Hi, Kelly-Anne.

We definitely want you to be able to export your entire course without breaking it up into smaller pieces.  We'll take a close look what's causing the problem ASAP, and we'll keep you updated on our findings.  In practice, there should be no cap on the size of a Rise course.

Our suggested workaround of breaking your course into 4 courses was a bit arbitrary, and I apologize for that.  Taking a close look at the course you shared with Karla, I see that the structure could potentially lend itself to 3 courses.

If you take a moment to duplicate your course and delete all but the first section, can you export this remaining subset of your course?  ...and if so, can you try the same for the second and third sections?  Again, this is strictly a temporary workaround to get you the content you need, and we'll be in touch with a permanent resolution as soon as we can.

Thanks for telling us about this problem!


Kelly-Anne Slatton

Hi Justin,

I tried your suggestion and split the course into 3, based on the 3 sections I already had in there. Lesson 1 and lesson 2 exported fine within a couple minutes, but as expected lesson 3 still had not exported after over 30 minutes. I expected this was the problem area because lesson 1 has 9 videos, lesson 2 has 10 videos, and lesson 3 has 26 videos.

I started adding up all the video file sizes just to see and lesson 3 came out at about 1.084gb, but then I realized lesson 1 had one really long video and in total they came out to about 1.058gb... so I'm not sure why that one would have exported fine and not the other? Thoughts?


Justin Grenier

Thanks for giving that a try, Kelly-Anne.  It's interesting to hear that the problem might be connected to the number of videos, and I've updated the team with those findings.  You're welcome to experiment with breaking Lesson 3 up into smaller chunks in the interim, and continue to look at it from our end as well.