Rise Export Stuck


First up, Rise is awesome.  I'm really impressed by the responsive functionality so far.  My challenge, however, seems to be exporting.  It seems to be stuck at the Processing stage.  Should I be seeing a progress bar?  How long is a standard export supposed to take?

I'm using the trial in Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.99 m) on a Windows 10 machine and will try Firefox now too.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sadig,

I see your case is with Eloisa and she'll be in touch once we've got the exported copy of your course. For future reference the URL that Justin was linking to was www.articulatecase.com - not care.com. Although we do care about you and your Rise courses. ;-) 

Keep an eye out for an email from Support@articulate.com and that'll be Eloisa with a copy of your Rise course! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jono,

We've had some random users run into difficulty exporting their courses and while our team looks into the issue, our Support Engineers will be happy to export the course for you. Just copy the "Share" link and send it along to them here and let them know how you were trying to export and they'll get back to you as soon as they can! 

Stevie Cheree Cassidy

I'm currently experiencing an issue trying to export a test course that has 4-5 videos. I don't want to break the course into smaller piece, as the course in it's completion would be larger, with more video content - to me breaking the course up defeats the purpose of wanting to use Rise in the first place. I see that this thread is 7 months old - I am wondering if this will be an issue moving forward?

Ros McNamee

I would love to hear of solutions to those who fixed their issues so those of us who are expeirencing this issue now can at least troubleshoot with having to contact support teams. 

I have 5 videos, each in a separate lesson with small text descriptions. Hangs on Export and Review Publish, nothing works.

Steve Flowers

Hi Ros - 

I'm experiencing the same thing with all courses. I suspect there's a gremlin somewhere in the server. I see on the status site that there are some open issues with Rise. I went ahead and submitted a ticket for the export issue since it wasn't clear that this was a currently open issue.

Tim Hillier

I submitted a ticket as well before I saw this.  Here is the response.

Exporting projects from Rise is currently unavailable. That means you won't be able to publish courses to Articulate 360, or export files for your learning management system. We’re looking into what went wrong, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have more info. We’re so sorry for any trouble.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve, Tim, and Ros,

Sorry for the issues you've run into! Our team is working on that issue right now where you won't be able to export courses and an issue with block templates in Rise not appearing. 

Also, our official Articulate Status page can be found linked here. You can subscribe for updates there as well so that you're alerted to any issues immediately by email.