Rise progress not saving in Moodle

Apr 30, 2020

Has anyone had issues with progress being lost for Rise SCORM modules in Moodle? It’s not clear to me whether this is an issue with Moodle or with Rise but we have had multiple reports of users losing progress.

Most of the time the report is as follows:
- user completes the module and closes it
- The LMS does not register the users completion
- The user re-opens the module and their progress is missing up to a certain point.
Occasionally they have random chapters of the module unlocked but not others. This should be impossible in a linear course.

In the past we have been able to resolve similar progress issues in Moodle by ensuring the “SCORM Standards” setting is disabled. Disabling this setting ensures that the Rise module can record more suspend data (which is used for tracking completion of chapters in the module). This has solved some issues but not all.

We also noticed that users who have had this issue and have sent us screenshots of the final screen (to prove they completed the module) often have broken images. I would assume this is because the images are loaded dynamically and the user’s connection to the module or LMS has been severed somehow.

Any advice or experiences people have had are appreciated. We are still trying to work out if this is an issue with Rise and it’s connection with Moodle or an issue with Moodle itself.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carola! Thanks for sharing about the trouble you're seeing in Moodle. Does your course have an exit course button or link? 

Also, have you tested your course in SCORM Cloud to see if the same problem happens in that environment? We're happy to help you with testing if you don't mind sharing your file privately here!

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Louise Ryall

Hi Chris,

Did you find a solution to this? I have also had several cases in the last few weeks where users are reporting that Rise SCORM packages aren't tracking completion for them on Moodle.  Their attempt shows no completion or SCORM tracking. The SCORMs haven't changed, and they hadn't reported issues on previous RIse lessons.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Louise!

Does your course contain an Exit Course link or button? If not, adding one should solve the issue. Crystal shared more detail about that in her post here.

There are two ways you can add Exit Course functionality to your course:

  1. Add a button block, and set the button destination to "Exit Course."
  2. Publish the course for LMS, and on the publishing screen, toggle the "Exit Course" link to ON. 

Test the Rise 360 course again in your LMS, and let me know if the completion data is communicated correctly!

Talentator e-learning


We have encountered the same problem. 

Adding "Exit Course" button doesn't help.

We have done some testing and have found that Moodle tracks exactly 18 lessons of progress of a RISE course. The amount of content within the lessons seems to be irrelevant, the file size too, as we have tested many different courses we have created of varying content amounts and file sizes and always progress tracking in Moodle stopped at the 18th lesson.

Interestingly though, it will track that you have started a lesson past that. So for example, if you closed the course at the 25th lesson, when you come back, it will show that the 25th lesson was started, but any lesson in between 18 and 25 will not be marked as passed. If you go through the whole course and pass it, it will mark in Moodle that you have passed, even past 18 lessons, but if you come back to the course, it will still show that you have only passed 18 lessons.

Can't say whether it's a problem in RISE or in Moodle. We presume that you collaborate with Moodle and perhaps can find a solution for this?

For now, the conclusion seems to be that all content must fit into 18 lessons in a RISE course. If it's necessary to have more, it should be split into parts – separate RISE courses.

Renz Sevilla

Hi, Talentator e-learning! 

That's very thorough testing and thanks for sharing these details! This might be limited to the Moodle LMS as we don't impose any limit in regards to how many lessons can be in a Rise course or any limit to tracking lessons.

I can suggest testing your course both on SCORM Cloud and Moodle with Debug Mode enabled.

Your LMS admin can compare the data and share this with Moodle if the limit is only found on Moodle and not in SCORM Cloud. If you need further help beyond that, you can share your course and findings with us privately by opening up a support case

Talentator e-learning


Sorry, forgot to mention - we did try overriding the SCORM Standards.

After your suggestion, we tried testing in SCORM Cloud and the same issue persisted - tracking started failing after the 18th lessons gets marked as complete (specifically if 18 lessons are marked as complete. We have skipped one lesson and it wasn't marked as complete, but afterwards went through the rest and got through 18 and then again after that progress tracking started failing, so it's something to do with how many are marked as complete). Perhaps it's not a problem in Moodle if it's happening in SCORM Cloud as well.

In the SCORM Cloud test, we have turned on Debug Mode and are attaching the results of it.

Crystal Horn

Thank you for the additional details! I'm sharing this information with our team so we can test further. You'll receive an email from us soon, and we may request that you share your output file with us privately for further testing. If you do, please let us know which SCORM standard you published with, what you're tracking, and what your reporting status is.

Laura Viviana Pets

Veo que mucha gente tiene el mismo problema. La subida no salva todo el progreso. Probamos en todas las versiones de moodle, incluidas las nubes de moodle y vemos que al salir vuelve a un punto anterior. Hemos visto que si hay más de 30 lecciones, solo guarda 20. Pruebe todos los navegadores, todas las versiones de php y todas las versiones de mysql. no encontró la solución?

Matt Gastineau

Are there any updates to this issue? A resolution between Rise and Moodle?

We are experiencing this same issue. We just launched our first course and have started receiving reports from our learners that their progress is not being saved and when it does save it is very sporadic. 

It seems that our learners lose their progress when they leave the course idle for too long or close our course list page before closing the course window.

I'm opening a support case as well, but am happy to share anything that's necessary here. Thanks!

Math Notermans

Moodle doesnot support Scorm 2004.

SCORM 2004 is not supported in Moodle. Parts of the API have been implemented, but others such as Navigation and Sequencing have not. Development on native SCORM 2004 support in Moodle has stopped. If you require a fully certified SCORM 2004 Player in Moodle, Rustici Software have a Moodle plugin which connects to their commercial SCORM Cloud service turning Moodle into a fully compliant SCORM 2004 LMS.

As i also work with Moodle for a client i have to make Scorm work too on Moodle.
Gonna do some tests with the plugin mentioned there..
If anyone has experience and got it working somehow..i would love to know more...



Carola Thurfjell

Hi, Any updates to this issue?

We're  experiencing the same problems with Rise and Moodle. We're having even more problems with web browser Edge Chromium. With Edge Chromium we're not getting any activity completion in Moodle what so ever with Risecourses.

Please let us know if you have any solutions or workaround for this issue!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carola! Thanks for sharing about the trouble you're seeing in Moodle. Does your course have an exit course button or link? 

Also, have you tested your course in SCORM Cloud to see if the same problem happens in that environment? We're happy to help you with testing if you don't mind sharing your file privately here!

Jeremy Jennings

I had a similar problem when tracking stopped after a certain point (around 30% completion of the course) in a Rise SCORM 1.2 package in Moodle. The simplest solution was to edit the scormdriver.js file in the scormdriver folder. I set all instances of USE_STRICT_SUSPEND_DATA_LIMITS=false and {if(strData.length>64000). For SCORM 1.2 this javascript file sets a limit at 4096. Simply updating this value to 64000 solved the problem and now the course is tracked completely. 

George Hickey

Jeremy, thanks for your solution. I've just attempted changing my scormdriver file as you've described, and it seems to work well, though I need to do more testing.

I'm just worried I don't know what the other implications of this change might be, and whether this is going to cause unexpected problems later? In any case, thanks so much for posting.

ADA Egret

Please allow me to shed some light on SCORM 1.2 and its data limit implications.

The SCORM 1.2 standard has a suspend data limit cap of 4096 characters (Page 41, cmi.suspend_data). This means that course authoring software is unable to reliably use more than 4096 characters for suspend data without an LMS potentially rejecting the additional data.

While this rule is concrete, some LMSs may accept SCORM 1.2 suspend data greater than 4096 characters. This is different for each LMS.

Because each LMS has different behavior, some LMSs might work just fine with these greater suspend data limits (as some have seen), while other LMSs might reject any data that goes above 4096 characters.