Tables in Rise

Aug 04, 2017

Hi, is it possible to have tables show in a Rise module?

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Ambra Scarlett
Bailey Bowyer

Can I upsize my request and ask for interactive tables, please. The SL walk around is not working for us on complex tables. The learners want to throw their phones because the text is too small. :)

We're having the exact same problem any time we embed SL files in our Rise courses (tables and other interactions). We have so many tables in our learning and would love to see interactive tables in Rise. It would make a massive difference to our resources and be a big bump to the quality and usefulness of Rise for us.

Anthony Karcz

Hey, Karoline! I'm sorry that Rise isn't quite living up to your expectations. If you have a second, would you mind logging a feature request to tell us more about how we could improve interactive elements and knowledge checks? That way we can make sure your voice gets added to any ongoing feature conversations (or starts some new ones!). 

In the meantime, if there’s anything else I can do to help, please let me know! 

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