Text entry blank in Rise

I'm developing some material and the project owner has asked about the feasibility of allowing end users to input text which could be reported back to our LMS. We'd then view the entered text and use the information to direct future training efforts. I had to tell the owner this isn't possible now but that I'd ask if something like this was forthcoming. Are there any plans for adding text entry as a block/interaction/quiz option?

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James Landrigan

Hello again,

Sorry to pester but I really think this could be quick win for Rise. I know developers make things look a lot easier than they really are but the first iteration of his feature could be really simple.

A block that allows the learner to enter text. It doesn't have to be scored or validated. It just needs to be saved and completed when text is entered so we can use the continue block to reveal feedback.

I know you have a lot on but the requests for this have been pretty consistent since Rise was released.

From an education stand point giving learners the time and space to reflect on their learning has been proven to be a valuable tool.

I have limited technical experience but give one of your developers day or two and I am sure they could put this together.

Please, please, please.


Robert Church

I agree

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Michael Russell

This enhancement is one that would make a huge difference for everyone. While Storyline is great for what it does, the fact that it is not truly responsive is a big shortcoming for me. I would love to see Articulate focus on enhancing the capabilities, feature sets and functionality in their Rise360 product, starting with the ability to enter and save text entries.