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Carl Long
When I record a screen and narrate, I cannot hear my voice on playback. When I publish the video I do hear the audio during playback. Any advice?
1 day ago
By Carl Long
Merline Macaulay
Does anybody know how to add lines etc to highlight areas of the screen after a recording? I'm looking for a toolbar.
16 days ago
By Merline Macaulay
Russ Lowder
It stands to reason that I, as a content developer, will not be a SME on many of the topics that I will be tasked to create eLearning. Generally, this is not a bi...
17 days ago
By Russ Lowder
Paul Connor
Can you delete the insert title here when you have up loaded a video into Replay?
1 year ago
By Paul Connor
Sarah Wilson
Hello everyone, I thought I would share a preview video I made of a Rise course I created for grade 4-6 Science. One thing I love about Replay is how basic it is. When...
over 1 year ago
By Sarah Wilson
Nicola Reynolds
Hi there, I looked at past topics and saw that you can set to 16:9 to remove the black surround from a screen recording. I have done this and I see there is an e...
almost 2 years ago
By Nicola Reynolds
Lawley  University
I would like to split a large video into multiple MP4s without going through and deleting and reuploading, is there a way to split and then save as multiple MP4s that ...
almost 2 years ago
By Lawley University
Simon Sanderson
Hi All, It is the first time i have used articulate replay and i am pretty happy with the video i created so far for being time poor, apart from the ending of the audi...
almost 3 years ago
By Simon Sanderson
Batuhan Karagol
Hi All, I want to build a game similar to the following game in Articulate. Is it possible to achieve the pig jump with differ...
almost 3 years ago
By Batuhan Karagol
Tracy Naso
I have created a screencast in Replay. I now want to zoom in on some content; add highlights, boxes or callouts; and otherwise enhance the video with some special effe...
5 years ago
By Tracy Naso