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Malvika Malhotra
Hi, This example - by Ian Monk is brilliant. How was it eve...
5 hours ago
By Malvika Malhotra
Lynsey Paterson
I have been asked to put together a proposal for our sales team outlining what a top-tier eLearning course would look like, versus a basic entry level course, which wo...
13 hours ago
By Lynsey Paterson
Alison  L.
I just did a(n albeit quick) search for "portfolio", because my "pile" is circa 2015, with most of it being more about WEB Design (which I did before achieved a MEd in...
16 hours ago
By Alison L.
Hello! I'm trying to make flashcards for a course I'm creating. Does anyone have a suggestion so I can have the flashcards shuffle and students can track the ones they...
19 hours ago
By M B
In a recent post, a community member wanted to know if they could trigger a color change in the player dynamically when a user performed some action like clicking a bu...
20 hours ago
By Devan Abia
Andrew Ratner
One thing that I sometimes struggle with is creating a hook in the beginning of my microlearning/eLearning courses. So, I'd love to crowd-source a bit: how do yo...
20 hours ago
By Andrew Ratner
Nick Irwin
Any computer sciences teacher would relate to this - It's hard for kids to get interested in code. And that's why, I am working on developing a course that will guide ...
1 day ago
By Elsa Smith
Nirmal AP
Hi Heroes. We Knotopian integrated ChatGPT into our revolutionary, cutting-edge Storyline 360 developed eLearning course. 🤯 Witness the power of this incredible techn...
1 day ago
By Nirmal AP
Gerard McCafferty
My company is an existing user of Articulate but is presently evaluating whether to outsource or partner with a third-party e-learning developer. Are there any re...
1 day ago
By Idea Usher
Christine Watt
Hi Heroes I am looking for Storyline templates of training for either Mentors or Mentees who join our Mentoring Program. Topics could be "how to get the most out...
1 day ago
By Christine Watt
Tracey Klotz
Hi everyone, My organization is looking to get a new LMS and we've narrowed it down to 3. Does anyone have any experience with any of the following, and what wou...
1 day ago
By Sarah Hodge
Tracy Carroll
Glassmorphism is sometimes called the frosted, or virtual glass, look in UI design. The idea is to have a background-blur on an object, giving the impression of...
1 day ago
By Louriann Nieman
Nejc Žorga Dulmin
This little project started as a small adding and subtracting interaction I created for my kid and others around the world, but then I got an idea to expand this into ...
2 days ago
By Landyn Emir
Merve Satmaz
While working on Rise, I dreamed of having the sorting activity animation of Rise in the storyline, but unfortunataly because of the limited animation options, it was ...
2 days ago
By Darbianne Shannon
Erin Carter
I am new to Articulate & to designing e-learning courses. We are in the beginning stages of creating a Mentoring Program for our company. We are looking at creatin...
2 days ago
By Bianca Woods
Chris Hodgson
Hello everyone, I'd like to share a link to a new tutorial series that I recently launched on YouTube aimed at Articulate Storyline360 developers looking to better the...
2 days ago
By Chris Hodgson
Karlis Sprogis
Greetings! Elearning is great to focus on practical approaches and situations, close to everyday occurrences. Do you use lifelike interactions and situations in your e...
2 days ago
By Karlis Sprogis
Samuel Apata
In this thrilling game of Rock Paper Scissors, you are the last hope to save the planet! Battle against an AI opponent in three intense rounds. Will you come out victo...
2 days ago
By Jay Carr
Keith Lillico
My company is currently looking for a sound effects library similar to what you would find for pictures. So far all I am finding is pay per song websites. Has anyone f...
2 days ago
By kola ner
Jeff Batt
I wanted to share a template I created. I call it simply QuizTime. Yes, it is your typical Jeopardy Style game but not only do you get points for getting someth...
3 days ago
By Dominick Gregory