Notecard Interactions in E-Learning #148

Notecard Interactions in E-Learning #149: Challenge | Recap

Notecard interactions are a simple click-and-reveal activity that lets learners explore virtually any type of content in a freeform way by clicking notes on the slide. You can use notecard-style interactions to: 

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This week, your challenge is to share an example that demonstrates how notecard interactions can be used in e-learning.

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Notecard Interactions in E-Learning

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Checklist Interactions in E-Learning RECAP #148: Challenge | Recap


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Richard Hill
Mohammad  Hassam
Richard Watson
Joanne Chen
Niels Rop
Brandon Lynn

Thanks, Dianne! I like to mess around with the timeline to take advantage of entrance and exit animations. What I did was create 2 copies of each flash card and stacked them in order to create two sets of flashcards on the timeline. I then staggered them, so that when the first flash card exited the timeline (fly out - to top), the second version of that flash card entered (fly in - from top). Since the animations were set to .25 seconds, it all happens so quickly it looks like the card just slides out of the deck and returns to the deck at the bottom of the stack. Hopefully that makes sense. Then I just set the timeline to pause after each exit/entrance animation and created hotspots for the user to resume the timeline. Then I created a trigger to jump to the same slide at the end of the ... Expand

Roman Stotland

Awesome job Brandon, as everyone already stated :) One of our instructional designers saw this and wanted a "template" for future use so I got to work recreating what you posted, a bit different. I must say that doing the animation for the card shuffle took some time. but if anyone is interested here is the way I accomplished it. Searching the forums just showed that many were interested in doing the same thing but not very successfully. I didnt want to have 2 cards for every card, so i ended up using one card as the animation that replays with a motion path instead of an enter/exit animation. Here is the story file as well in case anyone wants to poke around. It has s... Expand

Niyeda Suliveres