Articulate 360 and VR

Hi - Im just really here for some advice from you sage people really :)

This might be a bit of a weird question, as Im just beginning to look at incorporating VR elements into our eLearning. 

I have Articulate 360 and I am considering producing 360 videos and possibly some AR stuff for a project Im about to start.

It will be all hosted on an LMS, but Im unsure about how Storyline connects/works alongside any 360 video element.

Does VR / 360 video require a separate player?  If the course is built in Storyline, but includes separate VR elements - how do these work together? Can they work together?

If that all sounds a bit vague Im sorry, Im just trying to piece out how these things pair up, as the project ideally should have lots of interesting aspects to it.

Thanks for your help!


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