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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alicia!

Thanks for your question! You're not alone--we've seen other requests for the ability to adjust the text-to-speech speed, and we're tracking the popularity of this request. I'll add your feedback to our report!

For now, you can use punctuation, such as commas and semicolons, when you want to insert brief pauses. If you need longer pauses, convert your text to speech, then open the clip in the built-in audio editor and insert silence where it's needed.

Raymond Weijenberg

This would also be my request.

It would be very helpfull and time saving if I could be able to finetune the speed of the voice.

I think my students would be able to understand my courses better if I could adjust the speed and articulations of the voice. 

I think it is a great feature but not good enough yet.