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Claire Oldham

Adding my name to the list. I am an online developer and a client requested for our students to have this option. Agreed with the comments for all students, English speaking and non-English speaking, or is not the students first language can be difficult in any language -- so the need to find that happy medium for all. Please and thank you.

Roy Kendrick

I want to add a point. I am developing technical training in the US for world wide use. Because I have training on servers located in Germany, euro privacy laws apply. As a result company policy is not to use any live human voices so that's out.  I am getting feedback on the Articulate 360 TTS used in my modules like this on received today from our office in India.

"Slow down narrative especially in later part as it will be easier for people to follow and digest, especially those who are not well versed with use of English."

For people who speak English as a second language, most of my learners,  it is a real problem I need to solve.


Rodger Cutler

Can we get some idea as to when this persistent request might be addressed?

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Dawn White

Hi! Was this ever integrated into the SL360 updates? I want to use text-to-speech but common feedback from learners is that the voice is too fast.

I have used punctuation to slow down the speech between sentences and added silence spaces between points. Unfortunately, when a conversation is mid-point the speech is too fast. 

Jeffrey H Harden

Over a year for me as well. It’s brought up every meeting that we have, by customers, to review material that uses storyline txt-to-speech.

Jeffrey H. (Jeff) Harden
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