Storyline crashes when trigger conditions added

Good afternoon team. Regardless of content, Storyline reliably crashes when I attempt to add conditions to a trigger.

Clicking the dropdown in conditions will show the options of variables, objects, window. If I SELECT any of those buttons to see a list, storyline immediately throws an error, and crashes the course. This happens on empty single slide courses, as well as ones with content.

I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline, and uninstalling and reinstalling EVERYTHING, including Articulate 360.

Any ideas? Thanks everyone.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jonathan!

I'm sorry for the trouble! I want our Support Engineers to work with you directly to determine what is getting in the way. Our Support Engineers are available 24/7 in a support case. I'd recommend uploading your .story file to their team so they can start by testing your project. You'll hear from them as soon as their testing is complete.

Jason Fuller

I did and had 2 techs working on it. The final suggestion (after jumping through every other hoop) was to use the arrow keys when selecting a condition type, rather than using the mouse. The problem was not fixed, but that work-around does work. In the event anyone else is having this issue with no hope in sight, using the arrow keys worked after the following did not.

  • Unistalling/Reinstalling 360
  • Opening a new project
  • Running DiskCleanup


Sean Wright

I am having this same issue on Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1909, OS build 18363.1679 and using Storyline 3 Update 12. When I go to edit a trigger via the panel, Storyline force quits... it doesn't bring up AutoRecovery upon relaunch either.

I did follow the steps that Lauren Connelly shared via Cleo.

I had success in creating the new project, importing the old file, and also creating a new scene (then copy/paste over the old scene to the new one). I deleted all the current triggers, then added back triggers I needed- a bit tedious/cumbersome, especially if it's a project with many triggers— a fix would be appreciated!

Submitted a case, thanks.

Janet Ann

Help!  I am having this problem! i've been doing some workarounds, hoping that updates would fix it, but not so far.  Huge problem, please help. 

I do not get this error if I am setting a condition using a variable; it only happens when i try to set a condition with an object -- for example, "if the state of button 1 is selected" -- i can't even select an object; the moment I hit the "objects" tab in the conditions drop-down, it crashes. 

My Articulate is usually current -- i made sure it was updated this morning.  Windows 10. 

Joseph Francis

As I replied in another thread over a year ago, Articulate Tech Support's first suggested "solution," was to disable anti-virus and change my user profile to local admin.  As I elaborated on in this post, the era of everyone being a local admin on their computers is over. Internal IT departments find having fewer users (including those within IT) having administrative privileges means less vectors for cyber-attacks. Suggesting either of these as a possible solution demonstrates a profound ignorance of today's enterprise environments.

Articulate Tech Support's second suggested "solution" was to use the keyboard arrow keys to get to the "Object" option. While that does, for the most part, work, it is entirely kludgy and ignores the underlying issues. I pay for software which works, not software which requires jumping through multiple hoops to get it to sorta-work. Software in the latter column is called "beta," aka "not ready for public sale." As an alpha and beta tester for several of the big names before Articulate was around, I know beta when I see it.

Garry Whitaker

I notice from the conversation above that there is not a lot of helpful information coming back from Articulate on this software problem.

From my own experience and judging by the traffic on this issue across many threads, this has been going on for years with repeated promises that it will be fixed in future upgrades but it is still happening despite the so called solutions and workarounds, none of which have worked for me.  

This is not a random thing.  It happens every single time I try to create conditions using Object or Window, and it happens the instant I click on either of those two options.  It can't be a phantom, it must be a fundamental error in the program.  Please fix it.