Text box disappears when revisiting a slide after clicking on a hotspot trigger

Jun 11, 2015

In my project I have a landing page with multiple interactive buttons that contain images and text.

Hotspot triggers include:

When mouseover color of the box changes (hover state)

When clicked the box changes color (selected state).

When clicked jumps to another slide to view content.

After clicking...

When you navigate back to the landing page the text box disappears instead of remaining in the "selected state" until you hover over it again.

I have included a sample story to show the issue.

Thank you for any assistance in figuring out why the text box disappears.



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Jonathon Casterline

I have that selected and that is when the text box disappears. If I change it to "reset to initial state" they do not disappear but then the audio track with the instructions plays every time the learner goes back to the main slide. (another issue i'm trying to remedy).

I have seen that text box disappearing issue is a bug in previous versions of Storyline and was hoping it would be fixed with the recent update (update 5) it looks as though it is not.

So the next step is for me to just use the "reset to initial state" setting for the slide. so the text boxes don't disappear. Which I have done.

Now the issue is that the audio instructions. I have created a separate layer for just the audio track, Created a trigger to show the audio layer when timeline starts.

On the audio layer I created a variable for "audioplay" that is set to "False" when the timeline starts and changes to "True" when the media completes.

this works for the first time the learner clicks the hotspot, leaves the page and returns to the main slide., but then the audio plays again then next time they return to the main slide.

Any ideas?

Leslie McKerchie

That moment when...you have total inconsistency in your testing. I apologize Jonathon and I am seeing inconsistent results in my subsequent testing of your file.

Sounds like you have some other factors in your actual file as well. Would you be able to share that .story file for us to take a look or would you like me to keep working with your test file?

Jonathon Casterline

I may have found a solution using an exact duplicate of the main page that just doesn't have the audio on it.... so after the learner visits the page the first time when they click on the previous button it goes to the no audio version. it will take some reworking of the menu to not show the (silent page) but I think this may work.


It did work... but it would be easier if the bug was just fixed. :)

Also, if there was a way to have an audio track "play once" that would be a big help.


Jonathon Casterline

Leslie - It seems that the disappearing text boxes has been an issue for awhile (as I searched around the forum for fixes) do you know if the developers are aware of the bug and if they are looking for a solution? The work around is not ideal and adds a ton of extra development time when building a project.



Jonathon Casterline
Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for that Jon! As you can see in those threads, it seems the users were able to reach resolution or we did not hear back from them. I checked on each of these users and can find no relevant support cases to go along with it.

I have opened up a support case on your behalf so that perhaps we can begin the process of understanding this issue and getting it sorted. 

You should be hearing from someone soon.

Thanks again.

Jonathon Casterline

Thank you!

I had this issue previously and never submitted a ticket since it was posted already (I know better now). I was able to find a work around both times but they take a lot of extra time to 're-work".  When it works correctly, it is a very cool interaction and the work around does have some limitations.

Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated,

Jonathon Casterline

For other that have this issue I have two work-a-rounds that I have used.

1. Recreate the text boxes in another application like Photoshop and export each of them as an image (with the text included). Import the image into Storyline. (this may not let you have as much interactivity (i.e. state changes/hover etc.) but it does make it so the text remains when the slide is revisited. (note: be sure that you set the player settings to revert to original state when revisiting slide).

2. Make a duplicate of the slide with the disappearing text issue when revisited. Reassign the previous/next buttons to go to the duplicated slide instead of going back to the original slide. (note: be sure to adjust your slide menu to remove the "duplicate slide" so that it doesn't show up twice in the menu).

Hope this helps until the issue is fixed!

Nate Herrema

For anyone else having this issue - I had to remove a trigger for the hover effect.   Apparently the trigger to activate hover makes the item disappear if you go to another slide and then return.  Had to use the Hover State instead of a trigger.   Articulate should really address this issue, as it makes no sense for a hover state to make an item disappear from the timeline.   

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