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Susi B

Hi Valerie,

I don´t understand your problem here. If you haven´t set a tigger to show the next slide when the timeline ends, the next slide doesn´t show up by itself.

So maybe you could explain more what you want to achieve and what you build. An example file would also be helpful which you can add via the "Add Attachment" button.



Nicole Martinez

Hi! I know this question is from several years ago but I wanted to jump in in case this could help someone else. 

Make sure that all of the objects you want to remain infinitely on the slide until the user clicks do not have any sort of exit animation. As long as the objects on your slide are programmed to "show until end" they will do so infinitely until the user clicks whatever object or button you've designated to move them along to the next slide regardless of whether your timeline "ends" at 4 sec, 9 sec, 60 sec, etc.