Trigger on Layer Issue- Audio Won't Activate

I am making a "gamified" example for a project that I am working on, and it doesn't want to cooperate!  The issue occurs when I set a trigger on an object, add an audio sound, and a layer upon selecting the object.  The base layer works fine as it brings up a correct or incorrect screen then the user clicks continue which takes the learner to another layer with the same structure as the base.  Unfortunately, at this point the audio stops working.  The trigger to change the variable and open the correct/incorrect slide works well, but it won't play audio.

Any tips on how to remediate this issue?

The premise is that the learner will have 3 chances to practice, receive a point, and a sound will go off if they are correct or incorrect.  I cant attach the source file but here is an example on a different SL2 file. 

Ignore the visual display please, it is from our work template and didn't transfer well.

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