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Hi, and welcome to the "Freelance Heroes" thread, a place where Articulate Freelancers help each other. Got a question about freelancing? Or perhaps you have an e-learning asset that may be valuable to those "doin' their own thing"? This is the place to share--to give.

To start things off, I'd like to share a short list of questions that help me figure out what kind of training a potential client wants. (So often they have no idea what they want.) The list is far from exhaustive, but may be of some help. Looking forward to meeting you. --Daniel  

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Tammy Knoll-Anderson

OK, group question. Do any freelancers here request feedback on their performance? Since we are literally a service-based commodity, I'd like to survey my clients on their impression of my performance. I want to understand if there are any pain points or areas that I excel. If you do/have done this, would you be willing to share your survey questions and methods? Thanks!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, everyone: Because of the bug that seems to be in this thread (causing a
reply to repeat sometimes 15x or so), Ashley Terwilliger of Articulate
suggested we post of freelancer questions on the "building better courses"
thread. I feel we should honor that request. We are Articulate's guests
after all. Doing so also allows a new expression of the freelancer spirit
on the forum.

Of course, the freelancer heroes could also find a new home, if someone
takes the lead. Best, Daniel

Harri C

Hi Guys

I hope it's ok for me to post this here, I'm looking for a couple of UK based freelancers with availability in October/November/December to help us out with building some modules in Storyline. 

If you're interested please PM me with your availability, daily rate and example of your work.

You will need to be based in the UK for this.

Thank you


Nilesh Zende

Hi harri,  I am from India...not UK based but still open for this work, and even in feature looking for freelance work in articulate storyline work.

I am attaching my resume and some work samples. hope you like it.

my daily rate is  $14

if you want more work samples i can share. 

Harri C

Thank you for your interest, however it is essential that the freelancer we used is based in the UK.

Harriet Candy
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