User notes that they can print and email

Hi all. I built a course earlier this year that contains a "notes" function to allow users to take a moment to reflect and type their thoughts on certain questions. This is used in place of a typical multiple response/choice type question. Thought I'd share it here with you!

Here are the files:

Screenr Part 1: Demonstration -

Screenr Part 2: How It Was Built -

Storyline Source:

Published Output:



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Rally Kantcheva

Thanks for your ideas, James.

1 - No, there are no pop-up blockers (tried 3 different browsers on 2 different machines).

2 - Not a developper, sorry. But I've run an LMS debug report and I cann't seem to find any issues.

3 - Good point, I've not thought of that. But the problem happens even when the notes are empty or with just 'test' written in each of the 7 slides (way less than 2000 characters, including the titles, in total).

 Do you think I could have missed something in the LMS debug report?