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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Steve!

Peek makes it really easy to record screencasts by recording narration at the same time you’re recording any on-screen actions using your computer’s mic. It sounds like you'd also like to have the option to record system audio, as well! Articulate 360 is evolving everyday, and that's a neat idea! Would you mind sharing your thoughts with our product development team here?

Steve Heinen

Hey Alyssa, Sorry I did not get back to you.  The work around does not seem to work.  I have some videos that I wish to record from system audio.  I want the video an audio in Peek. For now I am having to record in Camtasia then upload to Peek or Replay.  I will submit a feature request.  Since I am using video in LMS it sure would be easier to do all this with Articulate tools.