Can Peek record system audio?

Mar 12, 2017

I cannot see an option where Peek can record system audio.  Is there a workaround to record system audio versus using a mic for quality. I am using Camtashia for this now but would love to use Peek

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Steve!

Peek makes it really easy to record screencasts by recording narration at the same time you’re recording any on-screen actions using your computer’s mic. It sounds like you'd also like to have the option to record system audio, as well! Articulate 360 is evolving everyday, and that's a neat idea! Would you mind sharing your thoughts with our product development team here?

Steve Heinen

Hey Alyssa, Sorry I did not get back to you.  The work around does not seem to work.  I have some videos that I wish to record from system audio.  I want the video an audio in Peek. For now I am having to record in Camtasia then upload to Peek or Replay.  I will submit a feature request.  Since I am using video in LMS it sure would be easier to do all this with Articulate tools.

Katie Riggio

Hello Jennifer!

Peek 360 doesn't have a system sound setting, but I'll let the team know you have a need for this! For now, a few suggestions that might get you most of what you need:

  • If your speakers are on, you can pick up program sounds when recording.
  • While this is a Replay discussion, this community method to adjust the Windows setting can help.
James Gregory

Seriously Articulate. People have been asking for Peek 360 to be able to record system audio basically from the beginning. Can you please get it together and get that feature activated? It's pretty basic functionality to expect from a professional-grade tool. Sorry to be annoyed, but Peek is far less useful than it could be if it natively recorded system audio.

James Gregory

Have you considered downloading a free trial of Camtasia just before your presentation? Download it the day before, practice using it, use it to record your presentation, save the recording, then let the free trial expire. I've done things like that in the past when budget was a consideration .Note that Camtasia requires a bit more post-production work than Peek does (i.e., you have to export/render the video to .MP4 or another format, which takes a little time), but the recordings are great, AND you can record all system audio...

Good luck!!

Lindsey Dixon

Jumping on the train requesting this basic feature be added ASAP. I went with Articulate so I would no longer have to use 5 different websites and programs to complete everything necessary to build learning content, but it seems I'll have to keep using Camtasia or Screen-Cast-O-Matic instead of using Peek 360. Let's get this fixed please!