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Dec 14, 2016

Hi Everyone,

We just released a much-requested feature to Articulate Review...the ability for comments to be posted without requiring an Articulate ID account! Now posting a comment is practically frictionless for your stakeholders. The reviewer simply provides their email address when posting a comment:

The option to "Allow comments without signing in" option is now the default setting. Simply uncheck that box within the Share menu if you wish to require sign in with an Articulate ID.

We hope this enhancement makes it even easier to collaborate with your stakeholders. Please give it a whirl!

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Laurel Schulert
Justin Grenier

Hey, Laurel.

It's totally fine to report problems like this in our Community!  However, now that we're getting into the details a bit (we're going to need the affected Reviewer's email address), you may want to share that information privately.  Thanks!


Thanks Justin! I submitted a ticket. I sincerely appreciate how helpful and how fast to respond the Articulate staff always is!

Adam Schwartz

Hi Cheryl - If someone already has an account, there's no way to remove the requirement for them to enter their password. However, keep in mind they'd only ever have to do it once for that browser, forever. From then on, they'd be logged in and wouldn't even have to enter their email address. They'd already be identified for every future review on any content item. 

Kyle Main
Cheryl Hoover

I don't understand why they're making it such a big deal. I'll pass this information on. Thanks, Adam.

The only reason I made it a big deal, is because we have a lot of Franchise Owners who are reviewing and they feel that they have little time to review and give feedback.  It's a culture that needs to be changed, because eLearning has a lot more value than they understand currently.  So the less they have to do to review and give feedback the better.  I have worked with a lot of different companies that would not complain about taking their time away from building their own businesses as a franchise owner - some have multiple stores.

Kyle Main

I now understand what you meant Cheryl.

I'm in the same boat as you, I don't see why the people higher up the ladder than me were so worried that people would have to enter an email, and even a password.

Originally my boss was worried because he had no memory of creating an Articulate ID, so it was the same as your situation.

I also think it would be a valid question if you had actually meant, why are people in this thread making it a big deal.  I know when I was freelancing for very large companies, using other ways to review with sign-up and logins needed, that there was never an issue.  This is my first internal job, and it has new challenges.

- I thought that it could help you or other people understand how some stakeholders would actually make a big deal about a minor step.  But it happens, haha

Ruth Canton

My SME isn't confident with technology and is really struggling with this review feature. Everything worked fine to start with, the program only asked for her email address then I received 100's of comments. 
A few days later, she returned to make further comments. The program initially let her, then her comment box disappeared mid-session. This now happens a lot.

To test this as a new user with no ID, I opened a rarely used browser, went to make a comment and entered in the initial prompt box. The program then asked me to enter a password - I only wanted to make a comment.

If this problem persists, our esteemed SME will give up and return to scribbling feedback on mountains of screen grabbed printouts. :'-((

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ruth,

I'm sorry your SME is having this trouble! It's strange that the comment box disappeared mid-session. We definitely don't want you to have to resort to old-fashioned, hand-written feedback, so I'd like to help you sort this out.

Do you know if your SME is pressing the enter key to submit comments? Also, what web browser are they using when reviewing the course?

When you tested this functionality as a new user with, you saw the password prompt because someone actually used that email address when creating their Articulate ID. ☺️ Try testing it with something like like I did in this screen recording, and it should work as expected. 

Heather Roberts

I agree, I did just that.  However, now that I'm getting responses back it's hard to track which version of the course you should be making changes to.  Additionally, if I get feedback that conflicts what is the best way to resolve.

At some point all stakeholders need to be on the same page as to what content the course should reflect.

Sally Kish

What roles get to use the resolved button?  I have reviewers who need to "sign off" on each adjustment. They each have only the email type access (no account id). The Boss and I have account ids so we can click resolved on any comment. In an email account situation, does only the person who entered the comment get to click resolve? or can no one without an account id use the feature? 

Sally Kish

Thanks Soren, but that brought up a new issue. I uploaded a test project - sent  myself the link and tried different browsers on my machine and I couldn't log in with any of my email accounts that are not associated with articulate without supplying a password. So tried it with a friend and he also was required to use a password or create an account. 

Was really hoping that someone in here or a staff member already knew the answer to what roles can use the resolve button in the review function.

Kyle Main

Here are some screenshots I will send to SMEs if they are trying to hit the BIG SIGN IN button that I would have assumed 99% of people coming here for the first time would click. Articulate needs to consider communicating on the page that a user can just comment without signing in.  If a user hits the Sign-in there should be an option to comment without a password. 

The UX for first-time reviewers is not good.  I never commented once we stumbled upon the solution after a lot of testing.

I'm sure you have these settings, but if other people see this thread, the should have these screenshots. Anyone can use with their Reviewers/SMEs


1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sally,

The course author is able to resolve all comments, and individuals who comment can resolve their own comments but no one else's. 

It also sounds like you set your Review course to have a password option? That is there to prevent anyone from seeing the course without you supplying them a password. To comment they'll need to provide their email address, and if that email address is connected to an Articulate ID they'll be prompted to sign in. 

Derick Young

I have my review link set to allow comments without ID, but users are prompted to add email, click next, then they still have to create an account. I even tried my personal email which is not linked to articulate and it prompted me to create an account. Has anything changed recently that I'm missing, or do users now still have to create a "Free" account to comment?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Derick,

Nothing has changed. I just tested the process and if you're reaching the login/create an account screen, then the e-mail is associated with an Articulate ID.

Allow Reviewers to Comment Without an Account

If you'd like me to dig into any specific e-mails, I'd be happy to take a look. You can share them with me privately here so that they are not listed in the public forum.

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