Bookmarking and completion in Rise

Jan 23, 2017

I have just built a course in Rise. When I export it as SCORM 1.2 to load in our LMS (Success Factors) it is not bookmarking or recording complete. Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Logan Stahler

Update: I rebuilt the entire Rise course from scratch and we are still seeing inconsistent reporting of the score/enrollment status in our LMS.  The module worked as intended when I tested it, but my manager passed with an 80 (min. score) and the module wouldn't mark as passed/completed.  When she re-took the test and scored a 100, it worked.  

Are the persistent issues with the newly built course pointing to an LMS issue?  

Crystal Horn

Hi Logan!  We try to be thorough with our troubleshooting before saying "It must be an LMS problem."

Here's what I would do (and we can always help you with these steps 💪🏽):

  1. Upload your exported Rise course to SCORM Cloud.
  2. Test your SCORM Cloud-hosted version in several browsers and make note of how accurately the course reports back.
  3. See if you can determine a common browser where the course is failing to report accurately to either SCORM Cloud or Halogen.

If everything works as expected in SCORM Cloud for you (and for your manager, if you can have her test there also), at that point we would likely want you to provide those results to your Halogen support folks.

If you need a hand with any of that, please let me know!  We can test your course for you.

Logan Stahler

Hi Crystal-

Thanks for the suggestions.  We have tested it in SCORM Cloud and it works just fine, pointing to Halogen. 

Unfortunately, our LMS administrator told us that she can't enable debugging in Halogen because the last time she did, it "broke" the system. I don't know how/why this can be, but our hands are a bit tied when it comes to our ability to troubleshoot inside of Halogen.  

Our institution uses an older version of Internet Explorer which may(?) be the issue, but at this point, we plan to escalate this to the Halogen support folks.  Any idea why only IE 11 and newer are supported for Rise?  What happens if a user is on IE 10?  


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Logan,

IE11 and newer will support HTML5 better and more comprehensively than earlier versions of IE. If you're using something older than IE11, that could certainly explain how it's behaving in your Halogen environment. You may also want to ask your LMS admin if they force a compatibility mode when launching in IE - as that forces IE to open in a much earlier version like IE7 or 8! 

Please let us know if you need anything else! 

Shawn Stiles

I am a little late to this conversation. We are just looking at adding Articulate 306 to our suite of tools.  Storyline/Studio 360 work just fine for both SCORM 1,2 and AICC. Rise works just fine in terms of the bookmarking in SCORM 1.2 but so far it will not bookmark in AICC.  Since we have to certify software for use in our environment, I did reach out to the sales representative who we work with to get the most current version of 360 so I believe we are working with the most recent versions of the software. If Rise won't bookmark in AICC, I can still get it approved for use with SCORM only, but it would be better if both options worked. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Shawn,

I apologize that we are a little late at getting back to you on your questions. I just looked at a sample Rise course, exported for LMS with AICC, and uploaded to SCORM Cloud and it seemed to work as expected.

Would you be able to test your zip file within SCORM Cloud to see if you experience an issue there as well or if the issue is limited to your LMS?

Shawn Stiles

Hi Leslie,

Due to company policies we are not allowed to post content outside of our firewalls, so all testing must be done internally. 

After reading more in the forums, I'm wondering if part of the problem may be that we are using IE11, and that Rise publishes as only HTML5.  Everything but the bookmarking works fine in AICC and with SCORM there are no issues, although we did find out we had to turn on an extra option in our SUMTotal LMS (Open content player in  native mode) when setting up a Rise activity.    I have asked our LMS team if they can look at this and see if the issue may be related to our distributed LMS servers. 

Another thing i noticed with Rise and bookmarking is that when it does return the user to the last location, the prompt for the user to select to return to where they left off is not present as it is in Storyline. I didn't see an option for this in the settings, so I'm assuming it may simply not be available. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shawn,

At the moment, a re-launched Rise course will always reach out to the LMS and ask for the suspend data needed to resume the learner's previous attempt at the course (in contrast to Storyline, where you have a few other options).

Some Learning Management Systems have features that will allow you to force a new attempt on the learner after completion, thereby declining to provide the suspend data needed to resume.

We'll evaluate additional resume features in the future, and we'd invite you to share your input here!

Leslie McKerchie
Ruth Mahoney

Hi Louise,

I had re-launch issues but deleting the original, exporting to SCORM 2004 and a new upload fixed this for me, it may help your bookmarking and completion.

Hello K and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) 

It looks like Ruth followed up with the information shared above, which you can pop over to see here.

Are you experiencing a similar issue if you upload your course to SCORM Cloud or is this issue limited to your LMS?

Logan Stahler

Hi Ananda-

We experienced this issue within our own LMS (Halogen).  I tried rebuilding the course from scratch, the LMS support team tried troubleshooting but could never replicate it.  At this point, we are chalking it up to unique user login issues (browser, VPN vs. on our network, etc.).  I wish I had a solution for you!


Greg Coleman

Has anyone been successful in getting the bookmarking to work when exporting their Rise course to SCORM and uploading it to their LMS?

We are using Litmos and they keep saying that the testing works in the SCORM testing, but not when the files are loaded into the LMS system.

We have tried every format when exporting the course to SCORM (Scorm 1.2, 2004-4th Edition, 2004-3rd Edition, TinCan). None of these resolved the bookmarking issue.

Here is the latest comment from our LMS provider:
"I have tested this again on the other scorm files, and I see the review is showing the proper completion for lessons in the scorm modules, and I also see after the manual marking, the review mode is allowing the learners to visit any session they have not completed previously, this makes me believe the file settings (Which you have provided) are not supporting this action. Could you please reach out to Scorm author so they can help you further with the scorm file settings, so this can be corrected in Litmos once you upload/update the file with the right settings?"


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

I've tested it before using SCORM Cloud, and found it resumed as expected. Using a version such as SCORM 1.2 will limit the amount of resume data, but it would still allow for the bookmarking behavior you'd need.

I'm not sure what your Litmos team means though about it "working in the SCORM testing, but not when uploaded to the LMS". Doesn't that indicate that the SCORM output is set correctly, but there is a setting in the LMS that's not being read? 

Andrea Gola

Hi Ashley, 

I jump in here because I am experiencing the same issue Caroline was having (with the same LMS, Totara) and wanted to better understand if a stable solution has been found so far.

As Caroline, bookmarking is not working properly on a SCORM 1.2 course: the course have 7 lessons, some bookmarks are being saved and some are not, apparently randomly, different ones depending on the user. 

I did a little test using SCORM 2004 V.4 in a sandbox we have, and it seems to work properly, saving all the bookmarks. Since changing the SCORM 1.2 file with the  SCORM 2004 will result in a loss of completion tracking data on a LMS level, before doing it I would prefer to understand if this is an actual fix you would suggest/endorse or if there are other things to be done instead.

Thank you very much.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrea,

Sounds like you've already found the answer and the data limit difference from SCORM 1.2 to 2004 4th edition is huge.

If your content was not bookmarking and resuming as intended, suspend data is typically the culprit to look into as you can see in this thread.

Not understanding your needs, business, or LMS - I'm not sure that our endorsement is the key. Some testing/understanding how that may impact your users/data on your end would be best.

Mike Hobby

did you ever find a solution? i use paradiso lms and we have many users that can get completion but others that can't. it' not vpn or browser, i have logged in as the users and used Chome, edge chromium and IE 11 and all three don't show complete while i have completed it on my own credentials in the same course.

Glen Murdock

This seems to still be an issue, we just published a Rise course to SCORM 1.2 and are using the SuccessFactors LMS. It does not resume where the user left off, but luckily it's just a short course and can be easily consumed in one sitting.

We've been able to successfully record completions 96% of the time so far though. I suspect the remaining 4% is either a communication loss/disruption or PEBKAC error.