Can you change the color of Markers in Rise?

Jun 19, 2017

I selected Labeled Graphic an have inserted an image that has a lot of white in it. The markers are white. Can you change the color of a Marker? If so, how? I feel that if you could, it would be simple. 



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Brenda Stutsky

Thanks Sarah. Yes, this is a very basic Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) principle that should be incorporated into the design of the program. In looking through other posts, I believe darkening/changing the colour of markers has been a request for about 2 years? Darkening the markers should not be that difficult, but then again I am not a programmer.

Ben Schmidt

Guys... I've been watching the forums for a while regarding Rise... and this is one of the most requested features over the past couple years. Articulate even stated (mentioned in a previous comment) that this feature isn't even something on their roadmap... something I'd like to see.

I'm not hopeful any of this will be implemented... at least not for another couple years, which is unfortunate as this is a needed feature.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How many more requests do they need to "track" to warrant the change? 

Brenda Stutsky

I have posted about this a few times. I just created another module last week that required required a few labelled graphics, and as is every single time, it is a form (black type on a white background). This time I needed to provide directions as to where to start clicking as it was hard to see - it is getting somewhat/very irritating, given the need/requests for the markers to change and be darker - you don't need it to be darker after clicking on it, it needs to be darker from the start for the learner to see where to click!

Rick Maranta

There are options. If you know CSS, you can go in the CSS file after output and find the appropriate selector and change the background color. it is a bit of a pain but can be done.  What would be really nice (if they can't give us a UI to do it, is if they gave us a CSS over-ride like you can get in Wordpress themes and then we can share ways to customize the pages ourselves.  

Michael Bauer

I hate always having to do a workaround for something that has been requested for years now, however I put the image of a screen/form/doc that is on a white background in to something like Photoshop, make it a couple of shades slightly darker, nothing too intense, so it still looks almost-white and then the markers show up a little better too.

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