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Nov 11, 2016

I am having a play around creating an example for my website and have found some feature requests.

There is a lesson complete screen at the end of the trivia interaction that seems incongruous with the rest of Rise, this would be nice at the end of every section, or have option to add in (I may have missed this option).

The interactions could ideally be blocks as well so I can add them in a blocks section.

Using blocks is great but then using a timeline or process gives me unbalanced sections within the course.

The microinteractions in Rise are amazing and show where things go to and where they have come from brilliantly.

Therein are however a couple of oddities, to get the menu on phone (portrait) in blocks looks like I have to scroll back up, perhaps this should always be there or appear if you stop on a section.

The tabs is limited to 4 tabs in block, can we get more?


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Phil Mayor

Just a few others here:

In preview when I choose edit can I get the option to edit the current page?

A mini image editor would be great to crop images online (I may be asking too much here)

Would be great if I could drag and drop images in.

Add image to the lesson overview page.

Be able to control markers a bit so they do not overlap

I wonder if blocks needs the lesson intro that other sections have for consistency.

I am not sure about the check marks on the lists, I don't know what they add, I can see some reviewers expecting something to happen.

The quote with the avatars, it seems you need to remove the image before being able to edit it, think it should be just change image.

Can we edit the results slides?

I know it looks good to show what is coming sone but I think it is a bit frustrating when you want to use that now.

Are there options for the accordion so it can also close as you open others?

That said it is so cool to build stuff like this and fun!

I have spent 2hours building this as a portfolio item for my website


Adam Schwartz

Thanks for the compliments on Rise, Phil. And that course you created in just 2 hours is fabulous!

Just some quick responses:

  • We'll be adding some of the lesson types as blocks too, like Labeled Graphic and Sorting for instance
  • We tested with having the menu button always present on phone. We found on phone that users generally navigate the course linearly and aren't "browsing" the lessons. So to keep a row always on screen dedicated to the button took up too much precious phone real estate. And it's always there whenever they click Next Lesson or when they are on the top of page.
  • Tabs is limited to 4 because there's no more width on mobile portrait. If you need more than 4, Accordion is a better choice. There's no limit there.
  • Eventually we'll add drag and drop image upload.
  • We're adding cover images to the Course Overview page.
  • We didn't add a description to blocks types because you can just add that your self with text blocks.
  • Quotes can have avatars or no avatars. That's why. 
  • We are adding an option on accordion to open all or only one at a time.
  • The other items I didn't address we will evaluate. 

Thanks again.


Phil Mayor

Thanks Adam, I have just added the link to my site and really appreciate the wysiwyg editor so almost as soon as I edit text it is live! 

I think I am a consistency freak I would prefer the description on blocks  to look exactly like the other interactions . Is there a way to make it look exactly the same?

I am not sure if I explained the avatar one very well. I wanted an Avatar on my example I have a Terry Pratchett quote. I added the block found the quote and downloaded the picture, I wanted to swap out the image but the only option I had was remove, after removing I could then add the image, from a usability perspective it would be easier to have both options at the beginning.

Thanks you for Rise! 


Calvin C

Articulate Rise is very easy to use. I love the responsive feature. I would like to see a few extra features in future versions of Rise if possible:

  1. Video
    • Auto play
    • Have the option to set the video to a standard size instead of full screen
    • User can add image as background 
    • A toggle button for all the videos if there's transcript for the video
  2. Labelled Graphic
    • Can add Custom Marker Style
  3. Process
    • User can add image as background 
    • Rearrange text and graphics
    • Font color control
  4. Timeline
    • User can add image as background
    • Rearrange text and graphics
    • Font color control
  5. Quiz
    • Add image as background 
    • Individual correct and incorrect feedback
    • Retry option
    • Review option
    • Customize the result page
  6. Sorting Activity
    • Add image as background
    • Drag items and Drop items can be image
    • Different layout
  7. Blocks
    • User can add image as background on all of these blocks. 
    • Have options to style these blocks, for example on "Accordion" and "Tabs". I don't like the colors and the rectangle shape. I would prefer the curve corner instead.
  8. Resource and Glossary
    • If possible, the Resource and Glossary would be a nice features to have.
Jennifer Sader

It seems to be inconsistent, maybe depending on what direction I was holding the phone when I took the photo? The two images attached are upside-down in my test course, also attached.

I'm a left-hander. I'm wondering if this might play a role. I always hold my phone in my left hand when I take pictures.

Jennifer Sader

I would too, but I don't have any way to know, when choosing the photos from my albums, which will work and which won't. I was hoping to build a quick course for a presentation I have on Thursday. 

If I'm correct about the left-handed/right-handed issue, it might explain why it didn't come up in testing. Probably most Articulate staffers are righties.


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