Feature requests for rise

I am having a play around creating an example for my website and have found some feature requests.

There is a lesson complete screen at the end of the trivia interaction that seems incongruous with the rest of Rise, this would be nice at the end of every section, or have option to add in (I may have missed this option).

The interactions could ideally be blocks as well so I can add them in a blocks section.

Using blocks is great but then using a timeline or process gives me unbalanced sections within the course.

The microinteractions in Rise are amazing and show where things go to and where they have come from brilliantly.

Therein are however a couple of oddities, to get the menu on phone (portrait) in blocks looks like I have to scroll back up, perhaps this should always be there or appear if you stop on a section.

The tabs is limited to 4 tabs in block, can we get more?


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Luke Benfield

Not sure if someone else posted this and I missed it, but I just submitted a feature request to add/save custom colors in the Theme designer just like you can in Storyline.

Definitely not a make or break feature, but it would be convenient, especially if you're always working with the same color palette from a style guide.

Cat Nussey

May I request that we get some sort of organisation via folders in Rise. 

Loving the tool but the list of projects is getting quite long. It would be great if I could create folders per client so that my landing page doesn't look so cluttered. It would also be more convenient to be able to share a folder of projects to my clients rather than sharing each individual course.

Phil Mayor

Make some of the UI consistent, 

e.g. some blocks are edited differently, the knowledge block i seem to have to press edit to edit the text other blocks I can edit in place. The accordion I can edit the heading but the tabs I cannot without going into edit.

The cover image replace image seems to be in a different order to the image blocks, also shouldn't have to remove it to replace it.

For the list items let me paste a list of bullets and it builds automatically.

Jean-David Rouah

Rise has been out for months. I don't see much change since it was released (despite several promises to do so). and honestly, after having just tried it, I find it ultra rigid, with incredibly limited layout and design options. The interface is very confusing, and really not intuitive. 
I will stick to SL360.

Crystal Horn

Hey Jean-David.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I’m glad you’re able to take advantage of Storyline 360 to really customize your courses!

If there’s anything in particular in Rise that you would like some input on, let us know.  We’ve added a lot since Rise debuted, and we’re happy to give you a hand with any of the new features.

Also, we've got a way to organize your Rise courses on the horizon.  Yay!  Stay tuned for that helpful feature.

David Tait

Re: New: Send a copy of a course to another Rise author when you want to share your source file.

This is a great addition, thanks for listening to the community.

I wonder if there are plans to be able to send the source files for offline storage, for example to a client just wants the source files?

They would obviously need to load them back in to a licensed version of Rise to do anything with them but it's definitely a feature that would be popular.

Jean-David Rouah

Thanks Crystal, ok, that's reptty cool. And I have to say, having spent the past 2 days working a project on rise, I got a better hang of it, and ended up with a pretty good result.
Yet, I would still love a few more functionalities. I didn't make a note of all of them, but for example, free text boxes.
Anyway, thanks for the url you sent me, it was useful.

David Tait

I'd love to see a 'jump to last viewed lesson' button added to Rise. 

This would be helpful when there is content in a course that needs to be accessible from various points in a course without breaking the overall flow of information. For example, I could jump off to look at a global resources section and then click to return to where I left off.

Ashley Terwilliger

Cool idea, David! I wanted to make sure I understand your need to share with our team, (or you can share specifics with them here) so just a few questions. 😀

  • Would that button be ever present so that a user could navigate back from anywhere in the Rise course to the last lesson they saw? 
  • Would this be in place of the regular next button at the bottom of each lesson or at the top of the Rise course similar to where the Exit course is? 
Will Findlay

This reminds me - I would like to be able to provide the same "Resume where you left off, or start over?"  question that is shown for Storyline when someone launches a Rise course.

Also I've noticed that if I replace the files of a SCORM Rise Course with a new version that sometimes this breaks the user's progress who has already started the course. The course just opens to a blank page, understandably because the course doesn't know how to process the progress data since the course structure is slightly different. So it would be nice that if Rise can't figure out where to take the user to just start them over from the beginning.

David Tait

Hi Ashley, thanks for your message,

The idea came from a discussion with a client who has five core products that they want to educate learners on in a single Rise course. 

Each of those products has its own unique content, with the exception of three individual slides/lessons (however we describe them) that are shared between all five products.

Currently, the only way I can think of doing this in Rise without breaking the flow of information, would be to duplicate the three global slides for each product, obviously that's not ideal for updating content, filesize overhead etc.

I guess the best way to describe what I'd like is a button that behaves like a browser's back button, that I can add to any slide I like. Ideally these slides would be dead-ends where the only way to navigate away from them is by returning from where you just came.

While I'm on, I'd also find a lot of use for a modal popup too!

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Dave - really helpful! 

In the meantime, have you thought about setting up some "branching" within your course? That would allow you to direct users to specific sections and then back again to the start. 

Check out this Rise course that Tom Kuhlmann created. He used a button stack with each button linking to a different lesson to create the feeling of a "branching" interaction. 

Another option would be to provide links within one Rise course to separate learner-specific Rise courses. 

And if you're feeling really creative, try your hand at this tutorial on hiding menu entries to create the "fake branching" effect. 

Now, what would the modal pop up do...the same thing as Will mentioned about resuming?