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Nov 11, 2016

I am having a play around creating an example for my website and have found some feature requests.

There is a lesson complete screen at the end of the trivia interaction that seems incongruous with the rest of Rise, this would be nice at the end of every section, or have option to add in (I may have missed this option).

The interactions could ideally be blocks as well so I can add them in a blocks section.

Using blocks is great but then using a timeline or process gives me unbalanced sections within the course.

The microinteractions in Rise are amazing and show where things go to and where they have come from brilliantly.

Therein are however a couple of oddities, to get the menu on phone (portrait) in blocks looks like I have to scroll back up, perhaps this should always be there or appear if you stop on a section.

The tabs is limited to 4 tabs in block, can we get more?


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Mike Olivieri

Hi Jennifer, there is an orientation bug uploading some pictures from the Mac Photos app. We're looking into a fix for this. In the meantime, if you save copy of the photo to your desktop or another folder and upload from there, the image seems to load properly. We'll keep you updated on the fix. 

Nancy Woinoski

I created a simple course on the weekend using Chrome on Windows 10 and it was very fast and easy for the most part.

I used a lot of video blocks with embedded youtube videos. The one thing I noticed that I would like to see changed is that  you can't edit the embed code. The only thing you can do is click the change button and when you do this it wipes out the embed code. So if you want to make an edit you have to remember to copy the code before clicking the change button, then past the code and then do your edits before saving the change.

I also agree with Phil about the avatar - it is clunky to have to remove the exiting avatar in order to replace the image.

This might just be user error, but I found I got a little lost in the preview and editing process. I think I somehow ended up with multiple versions of the same page open so some of the edits that I made did not take. Maybe having a more obvious way to close a block or page when you finish editing would help solve my issue.

 Here is a link to the course:


John Denner


  • Option for mailto hyperlink
  • Option to jump to block within a section
  • Add image transparency to PNGs
  • Remove padding and margin between block sections to remove any white space
  • Ability to change some text items like "Start Course" and "End of Lesson" So they are more generic. Start, Begin, Section Finished, etc.
Adam Schwartz

Thanks Paris.

Nothing in Rise should be blocking inputting other languages. If you see those red squiggles it's because the browser or the OS is not checking against Spanish and French dictionaries. 

2 things to check

1) Make sure you browser and OS have those languages listed as preferred languages in the settings

2) Are you able to go to other sites and type those languages without the red squiggles? For example, try on Medium.com with a new Story there and let us know. 

Thanks so much.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for sharing your feature requests here! I know our team keeps an eye on the forums for these requests and we also track the ones submitted to us using this form. In regards to auto play of audio, I know it's something we've shied away from based on how it's not a web-standard experience on multi device, but having more feedback from users such as yourself will help inform any changes to that idea. Thanks again and let us know if have any other questions with Rise! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I just wanted to give you an update that a release went out to Rise today which allows for unlimited tabs within the interactive tab blocks. Upon logging in to Articulate 360 and accessing Rise you will have that feature immediately.

We'll keep you posted on any other updates as well and you can always keep an eye on our release notes for Rise here too. 

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