NEW IN RISE 360: Closed Captioning

Feb 04, 2020

We’ve just released a powerful new feature in Rise 360: closed captioning. Now you can upload closed caption files to videos to make your content more accessible. 

It’s easy to add closed captions to your Rise 360 courses. Just click Edit and select Manage captions in any block that showcases a video. Select the language, and then add your file. You can add as many languages as you like.

We hope you love this helpful new feature!

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Mark Buffone

I'm having the same issue in Rise 360. I added .vtt caption files to four videos over the last few days with no problem. This afternoon, I added a .vtt caption file to a fifth video and the tool continues to say uploading but nothing happens. I tried using a .vtt file from one of the four videos that worked and the same issue happens, so I know it's not the .vtt file that's causing the problem.

Mark Buffone

I'm pretty sure there's a Rise 360 caption glitch going on. I just complete a test with a video that had captions working fine. I was going to test by using the "remove captions" feature in the "manage captions" tool and then add back in the same .vtt file. I can't even remove captions now.

Anthony McMahon

@Articulate 360 @Rise

Can you please add the function to be able to have the closed caption turned on as default. Currently the learner has to turn the closed caption on for every video they watch and many courses are made up for a collection of short videos (ours have 20 odd videos) 

I need the same course created in multiple languages. The Videos are in English however we would like to use closed captions and translate the activities for a different course for each language. 

Could you offer any support or feedback?


Carlos Gabriel Alatorre

Jamie: As a temporary fix for your next week captioned courses, maybe you could use Storyline, place the video in a Story project and use the CCs tools in there. You could even use the Storyline CC video in a Rise course as a Storyline multimedia embed (yet his option only support one language, I think)

Mark Buffone

Hi Alyssa,

The captions appear to be fixed when tested in the Articulate Rise 360 environment. I can upload a caption file and the captions now work when playing back the video. Thanks. However, I'm still not able to see the captions on video after I export to Web. In my web based course,I see the option to turn on the captions, but they don't appear when activated. Just wondering if you are able to replicate this issue or if it's on my end only.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janifer. Yes, you should see the option to turn on the CC in the lower right corner of the video player. Choose the language version, and then the CC will display.

Let us know if that's not your experience. We can even privately look at the files you're using if you'd like to share them with us by clicking here!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cindy. I'm sorry we weren't more clear. When you click to edit a video block, click Edit again next to the video file you've added, and you'll see the option to manage your captions:

And thanks for letting us know that you'd like to see closed captions for audio blocks, too! I'll make sure your voice is counted. In the meantime, folks have added a text transcript of their audio using a text or accordion block. I hope that helps!