NEW IN RISE 360: Scenario Block

May 07, 2019

Today we released the scenario block for Rise 360, and we think you’re going to love it.

Now you can easily add branching scenarios featuring Content Library 360 characters to Rise 360 projects. Just drop dialogue, responses, and feedback into a scenario block to walk learners through choices and their consequences. And because it’s Rise 360, your scenario will look stunning on any device.

See the new scenario block in action:

Learn more about working with the scenario block and explore an example in Trina’s article. We can’t wait to see what you create with this new block type!

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Johannes Arnborg

I'd also love to see the ability to add audio and customize the images more. I've made custom simulations with Captivate/Storyline in the past and the audio part makes a huge difference. 

Being able to do it in Rise would shorten the production time by a lot - and the animations are automated rather than manual.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey everyone, 

Thanks for your feedback on the character limits, and I hear where you're coming from! 

We've added these character limits to make sure your text is legible on all devices, especially on smaller mobile screens. What's more, shorter text segments make the interaction more conversational and natural. 

If you need to add more text to a dialogue content, consider adding a few text contents between dialog content. 

Want to see what that would look like in action? Check out Nicole Legault's Acing the Interview scenario. And If you want an inside look at exactly how she built this scenario, click here to send a copy of the course to your Rise 360 dashboard

Brian Rayburn

Thanks for the comments & replies, everyone.  I certainly understand the reasoning - I am a designer, after all.  

Even 175-200 would be a huge help.  We love to use these scenario blocks for knowledge checks and roleplaying, where sometimes small nuances in wording can make a big difference.

One option would be, instead of allowing the bubble to expand, to have a scroll or arrow to allow a second panel of wording to show would be one way around the size issue.

We know you listen to our feedback and do what's possible, so thanks for that.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Heather! 

Tell me more about the content you want to copy and paste in a Scenario Block. Are you copying text from a Word Document and pasting it into the scenario? 

Also, if you want to add Storyline slides inside a Scenario Block, could you build the entire scenario inside of Storyline 360? That way, the scenario dialogue and the Storyline slides could be combined in one Storyline Block

Stevi Page

All the backgrounds and characters are too USA-centric. There are no variations in costume, no middle eastern characters and a very limited range of office based backgrounds. If you are not going to release a reasonable range of options then please make it so we can upload our own characters and backgrounds. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Erika! The scenario block in Rise 360 was designed to be an interaction between the character and the learner, so there isn't a way to show a dialogue between two characters. 

Instead, this would be a perfect opportunity to use a custom scenario built with Storyline, then embedded in Rise 360 using a Storyline Block

This scenario template should get you started! 

Erika Flindall

How about the feedback: Is there anyway to change the feedback so that it is not coming from one of the characters in the scenario?  I have the customer asking questions, asking our reps to choose how to answer, but then the feedback comes from the customer.  Is there anyway to show feedback without having it be associated with someone involved in the question?

Crystal Horn

Great questions, Erika. When using dialogue content, the feedback will always be associated with the character. You could add text content next, hide the character, and provide more in-depth feedback on the interaction. 

Check out this example I created where the customer reacts to your choice, and then you receive general feedback about your performance. I hope that gets some ideas going for you!

Anita Gouveia

Thank you, Crystal!

I guess you have to be a bit creative with the scenario block, but with a little effort, it can all be accomplished!

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