Put Storyline Interactions Into Rise!

Oct 09, 2017

We’re so excited about the latest new feature in Rise: Storyline blocks!

You can now have the best of both worlds: custom interactivity with Storyline 360 and easy web-based responsive authoring with Rise.

Create any custom interaction you imagine with Storyline 360, and then easily add it to the responsive projects you create in Rise. And of course, your interaction will work perfectly on any device!

To try it out, just make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Storyline 360. Then watch this video by our CTO Arlyn Asch to see how easy it is to add Storyline interactions to your Rise courses.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks all - these are just some of the ideas our team is tossing around! We're looking at ways to create a tighter integration between Rise and Storyline - so hearing how you'd want to use it is incredibly helpful. 

Keep all the good ideas coming - either here in ELH or share with us right here. 😁 

H B.J.

I'm exploring on storyline blocks on Rise. It work fine when I preview in Desktop and Tablet mode but in Phone mode (Both portrait and Landscape), it just shows a Black background with a play button like a video. Clicking on the play button doesn't work.  I've however tried the link on an Android phone, the interaction can play but I need to click on the play button to open up another screen to use it. 

I've 2 questions and would like to seek advice.

- Can the preview in the phone mode be configured to work like that in Desktop/Tablet mode?

- Can storyline work on phone like normal interactions instead of a video with play button that open another screen?

Thanks in advance for any advices given.

Alyssa Gomez

Great questions, H B.J.!

Storyline blocks won’t work when you click the mobile phone icons during preview, but they will work as expected in published output on mobile phones. I understand how helpful it'd be to see Storyline blocks in mobile phone previews, so I've sent your request to our development team!

In regards to the play button you're seeing, I wanted to connect this to a post earlier in this thread where Adam clarified that the play button for the Storyline block is expected on iOS devices. 

H B.J.

Hi Alyssa Gomez, Thanks for answering my queries and helping to send the request to the development team. :)

The play button for the storyline block is also there in android device. I've actually encountered some funny behavior when I have 2 storyline block. I've created a discussion here.

Hope fully you can provide advice as well? Thanks!

Janessa Holst

Hello all,

I am wondering if it is possible to embed a storyline file with out using 360. Reason being, there are some courses we have that are confidential and best to not be uploaded on the cloud. Instead, we host the content on our internal server (only accessible if connected to our server by location or vpn). 

When I try using the Multimedia block option > Embed, I receive the error that the file/link is not valid, though I am able to open it just fine in my browser.

Any thoughts?

Ernst Huber

Hi Ashley

There's still this not so nice black blob with the big play buton to start a Storyline interaction embedded in Rise. Not only on smartphones but - as I presume - depending on Storyline module size also on PC and tablet. Each time Articulate announces new features I hope to see some improvement here. But not till now :-( Implementing a preview image or screenshot generated by Rise when embedding the Storyline module shouldn't be such a great development job. Couldn't you try to convince your developpers to do some improvements (as what I see it) here?

Kind regards, Ernst

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Ernst!

You mentioned you're seeing the big play button while viewing the course on a PC. Does the Storyline block have audio or video on the first slide?

Browsers like Chrome and Safari have started to block the autoplay of media. This article explains why you're seeing a play button in those browsers. 

Let me know if that answers your question!

Ernst Huber

Dear Alyssa

Thanks for your reply.

As you write my embedded Storyline block has audio on the first slide. Therefore it's clear now for me.

I thought that the big play button shows up on PC screens when loading time of an embedded Storyline block takes too long - therefore I created a very simple start slide which has to be clicked to actually start (go to next slide) the Storyline module which is rather large in size (also because of the audio...). 

And this worked, but not because of what I assumed, but because the first slide doesn't contain any audio.

And asked again: are your developers considering replacing the big blob with the start arrow on small screens with something more appealing?

Kind regards


Anthony Goss


I have been begging for this for over a year now. I have submitted several feature requests but was told it was not on the current roadmap. I am not a software developer, but adding a simple transparent overlay over the thumbnail of the start slide would be a more elegant solution. This is particularly awful when viewing inside a Rise course.  The other issue I’ve noticed lately is when you go back to resume the block. The ugly black button persists. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael,

Do your Storyline blocks begin with a slide that contains video or audio? If so, you'll see a play button appear before the first slide.

You can prevent the play button by adding an introductory slide before the first slide in the Storyline Block.

Let me know if that would be an option for you!

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Anthony and Ernst. There are two things happening here:

  • On mobile browsers, Storyline blocks will not autoplay. You'll see the play button to launch the Storyline content. On tablets, the Storyline content should play inline with the Rise 360 lesson.
  • On mobile phones, specifically, Storyline blocks will not play within the Rise 360 lesson. They'll launch full-screen to give the Storyline content room to display on smaller screens. When you close the Storyline block, you'll return to the Rise 360 lesson with the play button again showing for the Storyline block.

We're tracking the impact of this behavior, and I'll let you know if we make any changes to how Storyline blocks appear on smaller mobile screens.

Ernst Huber

Dear Crystal,

thank you for your answer and for taking a closer look at this topic.

Maybe we don't understand "autoplay" to mean the same thing.

In my experience a Storyline block, which is embedded in Rise, is not often designed to start immediately after loading, but waits for a user input. Therefore the first slide should be displayed on smartphones and tablets, just like in a browser on a PC/Mac .

I'll append two exemplary screenshots, one as it looks on the PC and one as it looks on the Smartphone (screenshots are from Rise Preview). I really don't understand what the difference is to get a different, semantically incorrect display on the smartphone.

Looking forward to further news!


Math Notermans

As i want to insert small interactive parts in a Rise course by adding Storyline blocks, i would like them to blend in as perfect as possible. On desktop that works perfect. So adding a SL block with eg. size 1920 x 80, setting that to 'Full Width' works perfect on desktop. Alas the behaviour of that same block on mobile and tablet is not as wanted. It threats the SL block as video and starts it with the default play button. It aint video or audio, so i would like to have it treated as pure HTML5 what it is in fact. And it uses the mobile player..and fullscreen playmode. I do want to add my SL block completely blended in the Rise course...why else would i need a SL block ?

Reading the responses on other users questions i have to pinpoint that a developer wants to use Storyline blocks in Rise to add custom interactivities. So treating it as it was just some sort of video/audio container aint the best way, because of mobile requirements. Blending it perfectly into HTML5 in Rise would be the better way.

Kind regards,