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Nov 21, 2016

Has anyone been successful loading a Rise course into LMS with Scorm?  I wanted to test it out, so i exported as a SCORM and then i uploaded into my LMS and my LMS can't seem to recognize it.  Has anyone else has this issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard
Thanks Adam for letting me know which LMS - I passed this along to our Dev team to investigate further. I would expect you to be able to use text and video! That's part of the fun and engaging content of Rise! Do you know how long the video is or if that video worked in another course uploaded to your LMS? As then if it didn't perhaps it's just the video itself?
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

I wonder if it's the entire loading of the long video that caused the problem in your Rise course and LMS? Are you able to attempt breaking that one down into smaller sections? Did you also try exporting for web or sharing the link within Articulate Review to see if that one played differently and it would help narrow down where the issue is occurring? If you want to share a link to your Rise course (in any of those hosting environments) I'm also happy to give it a test on my end. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ben,

I'm not familiar with MindFlash as an LMS, but do they support SCORM or AICC? Did you follow the steps here to export for LMS? If those are the steps you went through and it still presented that error message we'd be happy to take a look at the export files to test uploading it to another LMS, such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing. If you'd also prefer to test it yourself there you can follow the steps in this article. 

If you're unable to share the Rise course here you can also send it along to our Support Engineers here privately. 

Greg Nelson

Hi, I'm getting an error when uploading a Scorm 1.2 folder from Rise (attached). I'm following the instructions as mentioned above and have also tried Scormcloud - the test worked fine - all ok.  I'm sorry, I don't know the type of LMS we are using- our LMS is Scorm 1.2 complaint.

I notice that the contents of the Rise scorm folder appears different to that of a Storyline scorm folder? Is there something I need to adjust or move to make this work?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Greg,

I'm sorry to hear that things aren't working within your LMS when uploading Rise. Since it sounds like it successfully uploaded to SCORM Cloud, that's a good indication that the Rise export package is working as expected. The contents of the export folder are a bit different than Storyline based on the different structures of each tool, so that is to be expected. Have you previously uploaded Storyline files to your LMS and if so, was there anything particular you had to account for? Do you  have an LMS Administrator or Support person you're able to reach out to as well on the LMS side of things? If you're able to determine which LMS you're using, that'll be helpful to share here as well as and hopefully another community member who has had experience with that LMS can chime in.

Greg Nelson

Hi Ashley, we have come up with a 'sort of' fix for the Scorm issue with LMS. If we change the filepath in the imsmanifest file to:

<resource identifier="r1" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormtype="sco" href="scormcontent/index.html">

Instead of "Scormdriver" all seems to work ok - However we are still not able to see Completion for the module in the LMS although completion tracking is on when publishing in Rise.

Thanks for your feedback so far,

Grabs attached

Justin Grenier

Thanks very much for the additional details, Greg.

Rise uses Rustici's SCORM Driver, which is broadly accepted by most Learning Management Systems.  Have you asked your LMS vendor why the above changes are needed for them?  Could you show them a link to the content completing properly in SCORM Cloud to help them isolate the root cause of the problem?

If you'd like more focused one-on-one support, please feel free to share any specific details here and we'd be happy to help.  Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Felipe,

I haven't seen any additional information from Ben, but you could message him directly using the "contact me" button on his profile to see if he's got additional information to share about what he's been able to figure out in Mindflash. Also you could look at testing it in SCORM Cloud as mentioned earlier in this discussion as it's an industry standard for testing LMS content. The results there would be good information to share with your Mindflash team to help track down any modifications that can be made within the LMS.

Greg Nelson

Hi Justin & Ashley,

thanks for the dialogue regarding the Scorm issue. I have acted on Justin's suggestion to approach the provider and work through the problem. The provider has fixed the problem in the LMS. I have to say, I was a little surprised that the LMS needed this tweak, and I'm not exactly sure what was done to allow the module to respond correctly upon completion, but all is working ok.

We now enjoy RISE modules on the LMS!!!  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sheeba,

Are you saying they don't accept SCORM packages as a whole, or just having difficulty with this one? If they don't support SCORM, do they accept AICC? We're still working on the release of Tin Can API, but we'll keep you posted on that! You'll want to make sure you export based on what your LMS needs and then follow their normal upload process. 

If they are SCORM compliant, are you able to share a bit more information with us about the error you're seeing or any other details? Have you also looked at uploading it to SCORM Cloud to test that all the files were packaged properly?  If it's also not working there, our team would want to take a look at your Rise export. You can upload it to us here. 

Darren McNeill

I need to be able to upload a Rise SCORM package to our LMS, but I do not want it to complete,

This will be done separately.

This is in connection with some other questions I have bee asking.

We are putting an instance of a Rise SCORM package into our LMS which is basically an instruction guide, with several buttons, one for each language, which are lessons. The user then clicks on the language, reads the instructions and clicks on the launch which takes them directly into a module hosted externally by a third party. When the user completes the module it has been set up that a communication is returns to our LMS and the Rise SCORM course is marked as completed (dont ask... it is complicated :) )

The concern is that if a user clicks on all of the lesson buttons, it will mark the Rise course as completed before launching to the external course.

Previously a crude Captivate file was used, where an extra button was hidden and this was coded to be required to be clicked to mark it as completed, but as the user does not see it, they cannot mark it as complete, which does the job. Using Rise is a better responsive user experience, but I just cannot figure out a way to prevent users from "completing" the module.

If it was possible to add another Button option that could be hidden to prevent a user from getting to 100% then it would be great.

Any suggestions?

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