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Nov 21, 2016

Has anyone been successful loading a Rise course into LMS with Scorm?  I wanted to test it out, so i exported as a SCORM and then i uploaded into my LMS and my LMS can't seem to recognize it.  Has anyone else has this issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren, 

I know you've got a number of custom needs within Rise as you detailed a bit further here.  As far as being able to not register a completion from Rise to your LMS, it's not something I've seen yet so I'll be interested to know what steps you're able to share with the community after going through this. You may also want to take a look at this article on How Pros use Rise and Storyline, as a lot of your ideas could be easily accomplished in Storyline based on the level of customization there. 

Keep us posted what you end up creating - it's a unique set up! 

Darren McNeill

We can easily do this at the moment using Storyline already.

For example, one method we use is to add a blank slide that will never be accessed through any navigation or button. It is left on its own.

So if we have a course that uses 29 slides, then the blank slide makes it 30.

In the tracking section, we set the tracking to 30 slides to be viewed for completion. Since the 30th slide cannot be accessed, it will never be completed.

The user is then navigated to the external course. Once that is completed, an automatic communication from the external course is sent back to our system to force complete the LMS Object. This works.

I just find that the Rise look and feel, along with the responsive look, would provide a better experience for that transition.

If there was a way to hide a lesson or something similar, then allow the option to Complete 7 lessons from 7 (similar to the slides in Storyline) but only 6 are visible it would be an option.

I hope this explanation helps.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks for that update Sheeba and glad to hear things are working! Just wanted to also give you a heads up that responding via email includes your signature here in ELH. You are welcome to visit the forum discussion and click on the "edit" below your post to remove that information. No worries on our part - just in case you don't want your information publicly! 

Husna Ahmed

Hello Ashley,

I am having an issue with my rise scorm package on Moodle 3.2.

I packaged, uploaded fine but when I run it shows incomplete lessons; see attached screenshot, please.

Also when I close the browser down and go back in, I can see a lesson that was not previously visible but then the following one won't load/display.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Husna,

Do you know when you exported the Rise course? I'd want to check that the course has all the fixes and features in the most recent release of Rise, and you can see the Rise Version history here. 

Can you try uploading it to SCORM Cloud as well? I haven't heard of a recent issue in Moodle but it'll be a good way to identify if there is something off in the Rise course or how the LMS is displaying it. 

Let me know how that testing goes! 

Jeb Hoge

Tracking down an issue similar to the ones cited here. We're using the most recent Meridian Global LMS and neither of the Rise courses we've loaded will launch at all from the point in the LMS procedure that would launch the course player. Both courses launched fine within SCORMCloud. 

Our Meridian Global experience has been finicky...it chokes if there are special characters in the title or description of a Storyline 2 export, for instance. If anyone has particular experience that could help, I would appreciate it, but given that the courses worked in SCORMCloud, I'm guessing that it's probably going to be an LMS issue.

Crystal Horn

Hi Emily!  We're happy to help out.

Have you had a chance to see if your Rise export will upload successfully to SCORM Cloud?  If you need a hand, feel free to share your Rise export here and we can test it out.

If SCORM will accept the package, it should work in your LMS.  Do you have a good LMS support team that can join in the effort?

Amber Lee Mogg

Hi Greg,

Did you ever find out what tweak was made to the LMS?  We are having some issues with Rise bundles in our new LMS but not our old LMS.  When the bundle is launched by the learner (if it has been previously launched) they get a blank white screen and if they refresh the page it repopulates with the course content but their progress has been lost.  Any thoughts would be really helpful!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amber,

I don't know if Greg is still subscribed here, but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

For your users who can't load the Rise course a second time around, do you know what browser they're using? Have you had the same users test it somewhere outside your LMS, such as SCORM Cloud? This article will walk you through testing there. 

Zac Parker

We are also using Meridian LMS, and having issues getting the Rise content to display.  I tested in SCORM cloud and everything looked fine there, but I cannot get the course to display at all in Chrome, Edge or FireFox browser unless I force the browser into a non-secure mode, and even then it's iffy.

The only thing that consistently displays for me is the course header info.  Other courses in our LMS seem to work just fine, including Articulate courses.

Neuro Capability

We have a client using Janison and they cannot upload their Rise course (SCORM 1.2).  Message they receive is attached.

I have tried uploading to our LMS (TalentLMS) - but it is taking forever (well over an hour so far).  I tested in Scormcloud and everything is OK and loading was fine.

The file is only 30mb.   Any suggestions?   I have lodged a support ticket - # 01129231.   But client is getting impatient.



Aida Debibi


I have a problem with Talent LMS: When I run a Rise course(scorm 1.2) for the first time, it works. But when I replay the page does not work, I have an empty page.

I tested the RISE course on the scormCloud, it works very well.

Does anyone been successful loading a Rise course into TalentLMS? Let me know if there is a solution.


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