Sharing folder in Rise

Jan 07, 2019


Is it possible for Rise users to share folders? We have a mid-sized team of developers and we would like to store final files in a shared folder structure (for maintenance and translation purposes). Is this possible?

I know you can add collaborators, but can you share folders with a specific group of people like you would share a google folder?


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Improve Admin

You're still tracking requests?! People have been asking/begging for this for FOUR YEARS!

This is not a small feature request, this is a fundamental issue with sharing of projects within a  team, an issue that costs companies time and money in wasted hours.

Please don't be like Microsoft. This issue should be your #1 priority. 

Frederick Bergeron

Serioulsy, I'm with everyone on that one- it has been 4 years since we all started requesting that feature. it's not a "good-to-have' feature, its a mandatory one. We just hired someone new in our team, and now I need to go in all our +300 courses indivudually and add that peron to them... it's not viable. 

Why it has not been implemented yet?

Improve Admin

It's only been 1,537 days since this was requested. But don't worry, Articulate 'have taken note'.

Honestly, if this is not fixed by the end of the year, we'll be reducing our contract to a single user, costing Articulate over $30,000.

Tempted to do the same? Let's see if that spurs them into action.

Sharon Blanchard

I would like to thank the Articulate team for the new search feature in Rise. That does help to find the courses quicker. We were using the Find feature in Chrome before which was cumbersome. However, we STILL desperately need the shared folders set up! I think I have submitted three previous feature requests for this, and it is still not on the roadmap. :(


Janis Ericson

Despite the volume of requests this is still not on the roadmap. I'm at begging stage. We're a high growth company with thousands of projects and a very small team. I can't spend hours reassigning each course to a different team member- I'd never get anything done. Everything should happen at the folder level- sharing with another 360 team member, adding collaborators, sending for review, etc. 

Debbie Churcher

I totally agree.  With a member of my team leaving in a couple of weeks, taking on someone new will mean that I have to spend hours reassigning around 500 courses.  Also, my company email address changed recently and when Articulate 'moved' my content over (rather than just changing my email address as apparently that can't be done!?), I lost all the folders that I had set up so I have to now manually move them all and create new ones.  Articulate really need to escalate this to the top of their priority list :(

cplace Academy

Hello all,

Obviously Articulate is betting that switching to another provider is more effort than the cumbersome and annoying process of creating and managing courses as a team. Almost 200 requests in more than 4 years are therefore ignored. From paying customers, unbelievable.

Maybe it helps to place our annoyance in another public forum like Linkedin or as a G2 Review. This brings attention to other Articulate departments like PR and Sales who may not be aware of this issue. Let's build pressure together so we can finally work with Rise as a team the way it is usually done.