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Mar 23, 2011

I am not too techy, so bear with me please:

I want to publish a module to my own website. I can insert html or video code etc. quite easily there.

The purpose is to showcase some work for clients, so it must look luike it is playing in the player, but run on my ordinary website. (I have looked at scormcloud, but that does not look like my answer.)



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Peter Anderson

Maureen Martin said:

how do you publish and upload to weebly? all my html file are opening as ms word docs

Hi Maureen, 

I'm not familiar with Weebly, but here's how to upload a presentation to a web server. And if Weebly allows iFrames, here's how to use those. (Note: the iFrame instructions are for Storyline, but should work for Presenter as well - the difference being you'll want to point to player.html rather than story.html.)

Hope that's helpful

Adrian Gates


Yes, I've put Articulate content on Weebly and Justin's assessment is correct. I had to host the content on my FTP server and then embed the player using the Weebly "Custom HTML" panel. Here's the code I'm using in that panel with engage. Adjust as needed:


<object data= width="740" height="600"> <embed src= width="740" height="600"> </embed> Error: Embedded data could not be displayed. </object>


And if you are new to code, you shouldn't use the "<!--" expressions. That's just to help it appear properly in the forum.

LaVerne Stennett

First of all I appreciate all of the advice written in this blog.  After researching the issue further due to my capstone project, I was able to upload my articulate project onto my weebly website. I followed the steps outlined by Mike Taylor.  Here is the direct link to his post.

Once I was able to upload my project to Google, I copied the Google drive host link into the iFrame code, sample listed below.

.  Then I  embedded the link above onto my weebly site.   I hope this helps.  

oxana po

Hi there,

Has anyone solved the issue of publishing the Articulate content on weebly? I have tried the option of uploading to Dropbox and then link it to content published on weebly, but it did not work. I do not have a web server to save it there. Is there any other solutions? Generally, what are the technical requirements for publishing the Articulate content on regular websites? Thank you!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Oxana!

Here's how to publish a presentation for web deployment in Articulate Presenter '13.

While I have no experience with Weebly, you may find these threads with similar questions helpful:

Putting the course on a weebly site? 

Upload published storyline project to weebly

Hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist.


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