360° Image viewing

Has anyone else ever tried to import a 360° image into a Storyline file? I'm using Storyline 360 for training purposes and would like to include a picture in which someone can look around a room and identify key items. It would look similar to the images that were flooding Facebook for some time. You can click into the image and then scroll around or change the angle at which your device was pointed and look around in an environment...any suggestions appreciated.

I've tried once but it just wants to flatten the image and create a panoramic picture.


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Allyncia Williams

Hi Sean, 

This is great but do you have an example of how you created a 360 panning of a given environment with interactions? I was also thinking to build a photoshop 360 image for Captivate and trying to connect the two but I'm sure that could be a mess. 

Please advise if I could use a 360 and these hotspot/click and reveal interactions with the slider to create the effect I'm going for. I would like users/learners to pan the environment and pick out items that do not belong.

THanks for sharing these!

Sean Trabue


I used a 360 Camera (Ricoh Theta). PhotoShop was able to import the image in the 3D layer/environment for editing. The software I've tested to add interactive hotspots, hyperlinks, videos, etc. is Cupix.

Since my submission of this request, I've moved positions and this is no longer a priority on my list of projects. A co-worker of mine is signed up to receive updates though.  Hope this helped and you find what you're looking for.

Best of luck!