360° Image viewing

May 08, 2018

Has anyone else ever tried to import a 360° image into a Storyline file? I'm using Storyline 360 for training purposes and would like to include a picture in which someone can look around a room and identify key items. It would look similar to the images that were flooding Facebook for some time. You can click into the image and then scroll around or change the angle at which your device was pointed and look around in an environment...any suggestions appreciated.

I've tried once but it just wants to flatten the image and create a panoramic picture.


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Kristoffer Høgberg

Commenting to get on the notification list. @Katie, is the release of 360 images still planned to launch this year? If there´s a beta tester program, I´d be happy to test out the functionality.

Do you know if the 360 image asset will include all of the features that h5p virtual tour has? https://h5p.org/virtual-tour-360 

Pete Smithies

Yes, it would be good to know if this is actually going to be delivered this year as indicated. Having had time to look at the roadmap, I have to say - other than the possibility of implementing 360 images - which has been asked for 8 years or more - there is not a lot on that list that really excites is there?


Kristoffer Høgberg

Since it seems to be quiet around this topic, I recommend people to try out either h5p Virtual tour (if your LMS supports h5p), or Sharepoint Spaces for the 360 image feature (if you can connect your Sharepoint to a LRS that is). Pros and cons with both, in h5p you can add single choice quizes, but in SP Spaces you can add 3D objects, so if you´re familiar with Blender, you can export your objects as gITF Embedded (but make sure to use simple materials for your 3d object, or it won´t work) to add to your sharepoint space. 

Pete Smithies

Hi Kristoffer, 
Many thanks for your post and suggestions.
Worth investigating, but once again, a convoluted workaround for something that many of us believe should have been integrated into Storyline years ago.... No news from what I have read so far - regarding the promised rollout promised before the end of last year???


Kristoffer Høgberg

It´s not removed from the roadmap, so there´s that. Only 3 bullets left on the roadmap for Storyline, so we can only hope there´s a final push to complete this feature. But I´m not holding my breath. There´s always the option to switch to Captivate, they have had this feature for 2+ years. 


Pete Smithies

The grand announcement at the beginning of the year of the "new features" was pretty underwhelming - with no mention of the 360 image support as promised to be released late 2020. If it wasnt for clients wanting their eLearning in Storyline... Captivate looks to be a lot more proactive.

Ronald Johnson

I've been waiting for this 360 feature myself over the last year. The work I do on construction sites makes 360 video and stills an important tool in highlighting all the dangers that can occur, which are not clearly visible on a flat plane, single camera shot. Right now, I have to take a learner out of the Articulate program to a different graded SCORM package that utilizes the 360 images/video and then when the learner completes part 2 of the course they are done. It would be nice to have it all in one learning program and a single SCROM per course. Thanks.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Pete!

I can understand your frustration around this feature taking longer than expected. We’ve had a few rounds of review with our beta testers and are currently refining the feature. I’ll be happy to reach out to our Engineering crew to see if they have more openings in beta. They’ll reach out to you directly if so.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, everyone!

I have exciting news to share!
We just released another update for Storyline 360. In Update 54, we’ve included important fixes and new features.

One of the features we’ve included is:

Create immersive learning experiences with 360° images. Add interactive elements, such as hotspots and markers to engage learners as they explore.

360° images are currently in public beta for Storyline 360, which means you can use them for production as we continue to enhance them.

To take advantage of this feature, launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button next to Storyline 360. You'll find our step-by-step instructions here.

Please let us know if you have any questions by posting here or directly reaching out to our Support Engineers