Inserting Storyline Slide Numbers

Dec 10, 2012

Hello all,

I'm working in Storyline and have found that it does not display slide numbers. I've looked around on some of the other blogs about this and have come to the conclusion that it is not an easy task. Can anyone advise me on how to insert slide numbers without having to put a text box into every single slide? My projects are over 150 slides and that is just not feasible. 

Thank you!!!


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NOA eLearning Department

This is a great thread with very insightful ideas and solutions.

I need to add Slide numbers against my recommendation to the customer...

I am trying to move away from 'linear' web based training to a more organic flow were the learner takes control and navigate the learning > a great challenge for the developer !

I find the slide numbers bring this back to a slide-by-slide situation that can be less engaging. I find the slide numbers really useful for the review phase, the feedback relates to a slide number makes the updates much quicker to apply. I would prefer to remove them from the finished product.

My understanding is that Articulate purposefully removed the slide number function, but by popular demand will they put it back in.

Steve Flowers

Anything is possible:) The team could add page numbers but because there are so many possible structures and paths, the implementation is likely to disappoint someone.

I still contend that adding your own page numbers through a variable trigger on each slide is quite fast and the presence of this variable value adds a few benefits. For example, if I wanted to track progress via an array through JavaScript.

It's really not that difficult or time consuming and it's even faster if it's planned for ahead of time. Have a 300 slide module and the client added 5 slides at the beginning, deleted slides 22 and 23? Still not something that will take more than 10 minutes to fix using story view. 

While built-in page numbers would be a nice addition, I'd still probably use my own declaration for the flexibility it provides.

David Tait

I think the problem is that one size won't fit all when it comes to a solution. Any feature that the Articulate team may add to number slides might work for you but not for the next guy.

The best example that I can give is that not everyone wants every single slide in their course to be numbered or to add to the total number of screens. Maybe an option could be to have a slide number variable that can be accessed and have a checkbox for each slide to add/remove it from the screen count.

Joseph Francis

Hey, Mark! What we're looking for no longer exists :-( This current crop of development tools pale in comparison to the powerhouses of the 90's and early 2000's. Seemingly-innocuous built-in variables like PageCount and CurrentPageNum are foreign, and functions are completely MIA. Too many people have bought into the hype that anyone can be an eLearning Developer, and these tools reflect that "PowerPoint-ization" and dumbing-down of what is still the realm of Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers. Could be why articles abound which discuss how NOT to create awful, mind-numbing page-turners...

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