Storyline 2 - character spacing problem

Nov 17, 2014

Hi all,

I'm having a problem when publishing a module (it doesn't really show in preview): in some words there seems to be extra spaces between letters. See the words "pumps" & "and" in the screenshot below:


I've tried removing text - copy/paste via notepad without success. I also tried changing character spacing to 1 which didn't work either.

This problem can also be random, ie when changing the text it may solve the problem on one specific word but add another extra space into some other word...

This is a real issue since I cannot replace / retype every single word of the whole module and then check which one has new extra spaces.


Many thanks in advance

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

The issue with font kerning ( the additional spaces you've seen) is something that our team has continued to look at and investigate and as mentioned earlier here our team was looking for more samples of projects that demonstrate the issue using the latest update as there have been gradual improvements since Update 5 (we're now on Update 10). We do know that century gothic is one of the more problematic fonts, but it seems that a number of the other fonts are behaving as expected. If you'd like to share a copy of your project with our team we'd gladly take a look at it and you can upload here. 

Justin Grenier

Hey, all.

Really sorry for the confusion here, but as tech support pros, some of us will admit to having a really poor eye for design and for the art of font kerning.  I whipped up this .story project file (as specified by Fraser) and published it here.  Is there someone in this thread who would be kind enough to take a screenshot and annotate some of the trouble spots you see, so that we can properly communicate the problem to the folks who understand it?

Much appreciated!

Fraser M

Sure, no problem.  Take a look at the attached.  The letter spacing just isn't even.  I find it easiest to spot with the letter i, especially when the I starts a sentence and it almost touches the next letter, but there are all kinds of other examples like the word "non" where you can clearly see the o isn't centered between the n's like it is here as I'm typing this.


Justin Grenier

Thanks very much for the annotated example, Fraser.  That's really helpful.

...and again please excuse my ignorance, but I'm seeing a lot of frustration in this thread.  Is this a typical example of something that is really upsetting to your stakeholders?  Again, I just don't have they eye for this and doubt I'd notice as a learner.

I just want to be sure we understand if this Arial example is a really good snapshot of the problem that is impeding many of you.  Thanks again!

Udi Gilboa

And here is another one. Using Articulate font size 9 in the lesson. Attached is the notes section of the published lesson. Note extra spacing in the word "and", between the "a" and the "n", and too close spacing in the word "cameras", between the "c" and the "a".

I hope these examples provide you enough information to fix the problem (which as reported is open for 2 years now...).

Sean OBrien

Here is a real world example of mine that I cant fix. Its out there and look very unprofessional. We have deadlines for these projects and cant wait for Articulate to come up with a solution.

I'm not sure how much more pressure Articulate needs to have this placed at the top of the list. I haven't seen as many comments about any other bug (or feature as programmers like to call it) 

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